Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Happy Tuesday to Ya!

Hi! just came in from outside. wow! it's beautiful here. hard to believe it's february! i had to bribe lauren in order to get a few snapshots in. this is one
of them. she looks so grown up. it's hard to believe she starts school next year.
i took several other pict. w/ my 35 mm...so MIL's if you're reading this, fear not, i'll have copies made :)
well, i should really be working on some projects or maybe laundry or even a few other "chores". the girls are busy coloring so i should take advantage of my uninterrupted time.
oh, almost forgot about my exciting news... terry and i are going out on a date saturday. lauren was pretty stoked! our babysitter is such a sweetheart and so good with the girls. we don't go out often enough and when terry calls and says, "call maggie, we're going out!" i'm all over it! not sure what the plan is...maybe chinese. not my favorite but terry really likes pf changs. i'm just game to get out of the house and be ALONE with my husband. ok, off to get some more work done. xoxox


Michelle B said...

yeehaw! Have fun! Put something slinky on under your outfit...or better yet, go commando! That'll make the evening interesting. ;) I'm jealous. Can't remember the last time Paul and I went out together.

Kim said...

She just get prettier everyday!!! Can't wait to see the others you took. Enjoy your evening out, I know you guys don't get a chance to do that very often.