Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Yogurt = Lotion

funny thing happened tonight....i was in our bedroom putting some lotion on my legs. just so happened that both of the girls were right there so of course they both had to have some lotion. they were both wearing tight jammies so i could only put lotion on their feet. so we get all "lotioned up" and head downstairs for a bed time snack. i put kati in her booster seat w/ a tray and get both of the girls a snack. kati wanted yogurt.... she does really well with a spoon now so i just let her have at it. i glance over at her to see that she had dumped a huge spoonful of yogurt on her foot and was rubbing it in. OH MY GOSH! it was too stinkin' cute to get after her. even tho' i had yogurt all over the cloth covered chairs (their treated, thank goodness). thought you'd get a bang out of that! :)
so i'm almost done painting the office. yup, we finally went with a color that i had picked....i love the color. it's not mustard, like terry says it is....but it's not gold either. it's kind of in the middle....looks great with the dark floors and dark wall unit. i still have to paint above the wall unit, which is going to be a huge pain....but i do have 2 coats everywhere else. we're thinking of getting a sitter on saturday and possibly doing some shopping for a rug, chair, desk chair yata yata yata..... tons of cool stores here!
i think i'm hittin' the sack early... you just never know how out of shape you really are until you paint! i keep telling myself it's just because it's so repetitious...has nothing to do with being out of shape. ha ha keep telling my ass that! :) Good Night!


Wendy Malichio said...

Hi Kori! Too, too cute! Hope you got a photo of that yogurt scene! LOL!!!! Love the "ass" comment too - SO darn true!!! Glad to see you blogging, I've got ya bookmarked:-) Have a super day!

mil said...

So lets hope Kati doesn't try to eat the lotion!
Glad the office is coming around and am looking forward to seeing the completed project soon. mil

Bib sis said...

make sure you you right that one down, too cute! She doesn't miss a beat! Can't wait to see the office! Have fun shopping this weekend, chat with you soon! ;)