Saturday, February 11, 2006

Thank Heavens...

For Little Girls! when we lived in alaska the majority of lauren's friends were boys. which is all good, except i was starting to feel like she really needed some "girlfriends". she has never been a real girly girl by any means but she has always liked girly stuff. so we moved and guess what...except for the girls in her preschool the majority of the kids near our house are boys. UNTIL tonight! we met our new neighbors who just moved in across the street. and thank heavens they have 2 little GIRLS! ages 4 & 6. couldn't be more perfect. super nice people and their girls are sweet! i guess earlier in the day we were outside and the 2 girls saw us playing and begged their mom to come over to meet us. they had been itchin' to play with girls too! what a blessing!
office report...all is good. just have baseboard touch-ups to do (they ripped em' out during the construction and had to nail them back on which means wood filler and me repainting! terry bought a really nice rug and a hutch of some sort to fit along the larger wall (not pictured in the picture below, it's to the right of the wall unit). i'm going to guess it should be complete in a couple of weeks. he still has to find a chair or two? and his desk is still being made.
and... just a quick thanks to wendy who sent me a nice little package of scrappin' goodies :) love it wendy! thank you!
ps. thoughts and prayers to michelle and her family...her mom underwent kemo the other day but is doing considerably well. hugs my friend! i think of you often!
enjoy the rest of the wk. end...

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Michelle B said...

Thanks, Kori. :) I just posted some pictures of mom on my blog tonight.
Happy to hear Peanut and Kati-bug have some girls to play with! And that the office is coming together. Now...on to YOUR workspace, right?