Saturday, September 19, 2009

11 Years Today!

yup, 11 years married....10 years dating = 21 years! yikes! wouldn't change a thing!
although, it would be nice to know a good babysitter right about now. we miss you allison. :)

had an early soccer game this morning. then back home to load up our bowflex. we sold it to a really nice couple. our ceilings were just too low in our basement and to be quite honest i didn't really want a huge contraption sitting out anyway. i really like having a multi purpose space w/o sweaty equipment. unfortunately our tred mill remains but it's a good reminder for me... i had better get my arss moving again!

terry came home with the girls shortly after we had the heavy stuff loaded (go figure) with a beautiful bouquet, ballon and cake! the girls were so cute and excited, they could hardly wait to give them to me! they shopped the night before with dad also. he's so good about including them and making them feel as though their pulling one off on me! :) they told me they were going to the grocery store w/ dad! it's great!
better spend time with the family. i think terry is done in the garage. have a great wk. end!

Saturday, September 12, 2009


just thought i'd pop in and post a few pictures. i said i would be better at posting so i had better follow through with that, huh!
not much is new....oh wait, we have a new addition to our home! fargo is back!

terry drove back to ND last weekend and picked him up from grandma and grandpas house. he was so excited to see us. i'm sure he was a bit confused at the changes but he has settled in. we have an underground fence that he isn't real fond only took twice for him to figure out he shouldn't go past a certain point. although, when he saw the ups man the other day he bolted and didn't stop. ran right through it. i feel bad for him when he goes through it as it shakes him up pretty good. but he stays right next to me when we're outside. only bad thing is he can't quite reach the woods behind our house. when we lived in AK we taught him to poop in the woods, which he continued to do while living w/ g & g. so now he just poops in the bushes.
he looks so little in this picture but he's actually alittle over 90 lbs.
i had some requests for house pictures so here are a few of those. i haven't taken any indoors yet. i still feel like it's unfinished and still so many things i want to you'll have to stay tuned for those.

a few friends that hang around. could do without the snake!
found a few raspberry sprigs amongst the flowers. they were yummy!

kati's first day back at gymnastics. i really like her coach. she takes class serious and it's not just play time for the girls. kati has really improved in just the 2 classes. i think she will start taking 2 classes a week or taking a dance class of some sort... rather than playing soccer. she isn't that interested in playing.
lauren in her second week of school....

lauren's first game! she started practice earlier this week and her first game was today. and she shoots & scores!

nancy...those were for you! :)

so that's it for now. need to get some things done around here! enjoy your weekend!