Sunday, February 26, 2006

Not so orderly!

oh my heavens! how does one function with such a huge mess? i think of myself as an organized, somewhat anal person (my family would tend to agree w/ this statement!) ...but when i scrap all hell breaks loose. i have yet to figure out how i accomplish anything. as you browse the photo is there something that is out of place, by chance? so the vicious cycle continues. i was sharing this with nichol just the other day. if you're a scrapper you know this all too well....clean/scrap/clean/scrap! it's never ending.

but as odd as it may sound...this makes me happy! i scrap in our unfinished basement. as you can see the walls are a nice shade of cement. i do have the modern day luxury of a large carpet remnant under my feet. BUT i'm gearing up for a scrap-area makeover! but getting my husband to get me some new shelves is a task in-and-of-itself! i drive a mazda 6 w/ a hatchback....hmmm i'm thinking i'll have to swipe the van and go get em' myself! not much i won't tackle alone!!! so someday i'll have a pretty pictures to share with all of you. terry gives me a hard time about how much "stuff" i have....behind this table are more organizers, an awesome paper rack i got from michelle (wishing now i had 2 or 3) and some additional shelves....BUT when i see photos of other scraprooms and the plethora of supplies that others have....i'm in aw!

i'm just rambling now...waiting for cheryl to post the winners of the scrapbook survivor week 2 challenge. this has been a super fun contest. the 2 challenges we've had so far have really made me think outside of the box. not techniques i normally do on layouts. so hopefully i'll be moving on to week 3 :)

hope the weekend has been good to you! hugs!


Michelle B said...

Isn't Terry going to be gone today? Can't you make a quick run to the hardware store for those shelves??? Go for it!

Wendy Malichio said...

Oh Kori if you saw my area you would feel so much better -LOL! I'm such a messy scrapper - I need to organize so of these days! Fingers crossed for you with the contest! How exciting! I bet you get win hands down!