Wednesday, February 01, 2006

A Blog...For Me?

Holy Smokes! I can't believe I actually made this happen. I created a blog. Not that it was difficult...I mean they couldn't have made it any easier. I'm just not that computer savvy. I guess the real test will be when it comes to posting pictures and what-not.
It has been so quiet...seems like when CHA rolls around the scrapbooking world outside of that function comes to a halt. Very few e-mails, no one is "blogging", very little traffic on the sb'ing sites (ie. CREATIVE XPRESS). I'm itchin' to get busy with assignments for SCRAPBOOKS ANSWERS too! If you haven't checked out the magazine, it's a must! It caters to everyone. And if I do say so myself...the design team is amazing. So many talented girls! Can't wait to work with all of them.
Ok, I don't have much to chat about for the time being...but just wanted to see if I could actually get this puppy to work. Maybe I'll take a walk on the wild side tomorrow and try to post some pictures. That aught' to be fun. Not.

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Kim said...

It worked! Good job, I love the layout of Aaron, very cute! I also like the new ones that you have posted on creativexpress. Do you know when you will get buy with scrapbook answers? I've been checking that website daily too. You are just getting more and more computer saavy! Keep up the good work!