Friday, May 09, 2008

I'm Still Alive.....

hellooooo! i'm sure anyone who was keeping up with my blog has probably lost all hope that i would ever come back! ha ha it's hard to believe my last post was feb. 1st. i think i had/have lost interest in blogging although i do still check in on a few blogger friends. i thought i'd post anyway and see if anyone is still out there....
all is going ok here. the girls are still keeping me busy. kati will be done with preschool in just 2 weeks and lauren goes until the first week of june. they had 5 snow days this winter so i guess they'll have to make those up. with school starting up again in august the summer is going to seem awfully short!
terry and i took a little trip in april. we flew grandma down to watch the girls for a week. we went to scottsdale. it was a crazy trip but fun. i have a girlfriend in gilbert who i hadn't seen in almost 10 years. it was so much fun seeing her and catching up on old times. it was as if we hadn't lost those 10 years. neither of us had changed all that much!
i haven't taken many photos lately either. so i can't even share those with you. i still haven't gotten back into scrapbooking. i still lack interest. i think if i were to go to a store that had all the new papers and embellishments i would probably be tempted.... right now our basement is in shambles so if i had interest i couldn't scrap anyway. we're having several can lights and outlets put it. our basement is unfinished and we really don't need the extra space so we've decided to do a "rough finish". just so it is more comfortable down there for the girls to play and do crafts. we're painting the cement walls, adding some carpet (nothing too fancy) and spraying the ceiling. we've also framed around the furnace and we'll hang a flat screen by our workout area and call it good.
terry is doing fine. busy with work and finishing up his classes for his mba. he took finals this week. he said it was tough but i can't imagine him getting anything but and A in both classes.
so that's pretty much it. i really need to take some photos of the girls and post them. hopefully on mothers day we can do that!
have a great weekend and happy mothers day!