Friday, February 01, 2008


wow, it's been a long time since i've posted! life has just kept us pretty busy. the last thing i think of is posting on my blog. i think the novelty of it is wearing off and i have less and less to ramble about.
life is good. we're all doing fine. the girls are very busy. lauren is in gymnastics, soccer, volleyball and girl scouts and kati is now in gymnastics also and will start swimming lessons next week. (she isn't as excited about this as i had hoped! i won't be able to swim with her so she is a bit scared but i'm sure she'll do just fine) the girls had a snow day today. we got about 8" of snow last night. of course terry is out of town. never fails. so i was out shoveling by 6:30, my third time shoveling mind you! but i figure it's a good workout, so what the heck. this is only the 2nd snow fall we've had so i can't complain and i'm sure the snow will be gone within a few days!
so this is about the extent of it. nothing new and exciting to report...hopefully it won't take me weeks to post again and maybe i'll have something to chat about and more pictures to share.
have a great wk. end.