Friday, February 17, 2006

Random Stuff

CHEESE! the girls and i were out just the other day when it was 63 degrees here. and as you can see by their expressions they're saying, "cheese".

ok, so i've had this hot little photo now for a few weeks and wanted to share... michelle took this pict. for me when she was in vegas for cha. this is leslie ayers...the EDITOR in chief of SCRAPBOOK ANSWERS! saying HI to moi! unfortunately i haven't met leslie in person and she only knows me through the design team and my layout submissions etc...BUT regardless it still made me all warm and fuzzy inside!

so i bought this water jug that holds 72 oz. of water. evidently this is the amount of h20 one is supposed to drink in one day. i've gotten into this terrible habit of grabbing a diet coke instead of drinking water. so i'm trying to restrict my diet coke intake to one can a day. (lord help me...and those around me!) yesterday i managed to drink all but maybe 1 cup. i have never peed so much in my life. and why is it that once you've given birth to children you NO longer have the ability to "hold it"?

watched a good movie last night...well, a good chic flick. "In Her Shoes" i cried like a baby! it made me realize just how much i miss my sister!

told you it was just a bunch of random stuff! hope you have a great weekend!


Michelle B said...

Whoa...the girls are looking older!! Kati looks like quite the mischief maker, there. Good luck with that! lol OK...gotta go pack Sam for the weekend at gma's and papa's. Yeehaw!! Much as I love him, it's a quieter, gentler house when he's away. :)

Wendy Malichio said...

Cute photo! Good luck with that Diet Coke thing - ha ha! I couldn't do it that's for sure;-) he he! Fun post Kori!!

Cari said...

Oh man! I need to watch a good movie too! Especialy a chick flick!
Good luck with the water thing. It's hard to get started but trust me, once you get used to it, there's nothing better!! (mind you, coke still happens! LOL!)

ruthimus said...

GO for it with the diet coke. If you can do it... I might try. Probably not. but a girl can dream! Leslie was a sweet heart! And ditto on that peeing thing...

Michelle B said...

Hey, you need a new post! Getting tired of this one. ;)