Monday, November 03, 2008

Catching up...

just a quick update...and some photos to share. thanks again auntie kim and aunt shari, grandma donna, nana & papa for the halloween goodies for the girls!
they get a kick out of getting packages in the mail. they loved everything! here they are dressed up for the big night. lauren was madam dracula and kati was mini mouse.

we had a fun halloween night. we started a tradition last year with some neighbors to get together in a driveway with food, beer and a fire pit. the dads stayed back while the moms took the kids around the neighborhood. it was a lot of fun and the weather was perfect!

i had a couple of photo shoots over the weekend. these are just a few photos from one shoot. this is a friend/neighbor and her little girl. she was a lot of fun to shoot. very serious personality. but man she's cute!

oh, and here is my new car! it's a volkswagon passat cc. 2009. such a fun car to drive. the color is called light brown...not a real good pict. as far as showing you the color. we've never really been big car people but it's always fun to get a new one.

and just because this picture cracks me up! we took the girls to the pumpkin patch a week or so ago. they fed the goats and little horses. i don't know if they had fed them yet or not but the look this little guy is giving kati is too funny.

have a good week!