Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Highlights & Paint!

morning...ok, so i attempted to take a picture of myself so i could share my hightlights with my girlfriends! i realized i'm not so good at taking a picture of myself in the mirror, like so many other "scrappers" (people who scrapbook) do. it took me like 20 shots to figure out that i had to look at the camera in the mirror vs. looking straight ahead. but i looked goofy standing there grining at myself in the mirror. so hence the photo of me looking down. i love the girl who does my hair! she works in a salon but also works out of her home a few days a week and is in our neighborhood. so it works out really well.

ok...on to the paint story. geez....who knew picking a paint color could be so difficult. well, not so much for me but for terry. he finally chose a yellow. i knew what he wanted and the color he chose wasn't that color. BUT not to be a "know it all" i agreed. he brought the paint home last night and i opened the can and it looked like the skin of a banana! oh, and you know once you put it on the wall the color is a bit darker. it was awful! but i painted a wall anyway so we could see just how yellow it was going to be. needless to say terry ran back to home depot and picked up 2 small cans of the 2 paint colors i liked...i painted several sample spots on the walls and we still can't agree on a color. which is ok for today, i have too many other projects to work on. terry is heading to kansas city for the day so that will give me time to do what i have to do before i have to start painting.

Have a Good Day!!


Michelle B said...

OMG! The color is STUNNING! I absolutely love it, Kori! Doesn't Terry know better to just defer to you when it comes to paint color by now? haha You are the goddess of paint, sister! I'll have to try to take a pic of my hair, too. Stacey did such a great job with the color and the cut. I get lots of compliments on it. As I was walking through the Las Vegas airport some guy said "nice hairstyle" to me...so it must be OK. lol

mil said...

Ditto from your mil......you would think by now he would just know "Kori knows Best" KkB!!!! Well, maybe he had an idea and you are a good wife to go with it and let him see for himself that you were right all along, with out actually rubbing it in.....I imagine that office will be quite a showcase when all is done. Do you get an office too? Think you might want your own space and as nice.

Anonymous said...

Wow Kor-
You look fabulous! Love that blond!
The office looks great. I bet that room would look fantastic even with banana yellow paint.
I'm impressed with the blog. Not sure if I could define "blog" if I needed to and I had to try twice before I figured out how to comment, but non the less, it is very impressive.

Sis said...

Love the hair! I can see Terry being a pain with the paint color, you would think by now he would know better! Hopefully you can decide soon, so you can get it painted! I waiting to see some new layouts! Thanks for the pictures, got them on Monday!