Friday, February 24, 2006

Spoiled Secrets & Undie Stretchers?'s the scoop....(on my inability to keep a secret) you know i knew i would end up blowing the secret....normally i'm a good "secret keeper" i found out what REALLY happened...this isn't what i originally had thought. but when i signed up at yahoo for a new secret e-mail address i put my REAL name in the first name, last name...when i should have made up a name. i'm such a dork! i had sent nichol a few other e-mails (which should have been a secret) but i know they had my name attached and she was just too nice to say anything or didn't notice....but i can't imagine that. so anyway, that's the saga! it will be fun anyway!
ok, onto this cute little story....on valentines day i had picked up some new underwear for lauren. the next day we're going through her drawer and she says....
lauren: "mom, why did you buy me new underwear?"
me: "cuz your other ones were getting too small."
lauren: "well, someone really needs to come up with an "underwear stretcher".
omg! i laughed so hard....ya, if only someone would come up with that little contraption. ya gain a few lb's. ah, just put the ol' grundies on the like a charm. too funny. the stuff she comes up with! scares me to think of what she'll come up with when she's 10?
weekend plans=nothing! terry is heading out of town on sunday so i think we'll end up hangin' low. although, i've been hinting to him that i'd like some new shelves in the basement. so maybe a trip to lowes is in the works? oh ya, i have to paint our mud room. i've been putting it off for 2 days. i have the trim taped off...the builder used flat paint so i'm slowly redoing the entire house. it kills me to NOT be able to wipe handprints off the wall. i'm just sick of painting. so what are you doing this weekend? whatever you do have a good one! hugs kori


Michelle B said...

Oh my gosh! The underwear stretcher?! Too funny!! Tell her when she finds one, she needs to send me one, too. :) Wait, I think my BUTT is the underwear stretcher! heehee

Well, I knew the reason you blew the secret had to be technology-related. ;)

Nichol said...

LOL! that's too cute on the underwear are so funny!
and I like knowing my secret bunny's identity! (wink)