Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Do You See What I See?

Yup...the hardwood floors are down.  What a difference they make!  The girls were a bit concerned about the color.  They didn't realize we have them stained but that won't happen until the cabinets are in and painting is done.
Good news is...Cabinets go in Thursday!
Just a few photos of the floors....

lots of saw dust etc. in the photo

Keno the cat!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Day 18...

So here we are at day 18... Sheet rock is done, taping a mudding is done....just waiting for it all to dry so they can sand.  The humidity these past 2 days hasn't helped the drying process.  It was almost 80 degrees today and we had to turn on the heat and get the fans a-blowin' in order for the mud to dry.

I just can't wait for the dust to settle.  I have to say that is probably my biggest issue with the remodel so far.  The dust!  One would think it would be, being without a kitchen!   Sounds like the floors will go in on Monday rather than Friday and apparently our  cabinets are almost finished.  Clippin' right along!

Updated photos:

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butlers pantry...(have i ever mentioned how much i hate the wall color in terry's office! )

kitchen window...makes such a huge difference!

finished doing the brick work today.  looks so much better.  they did a great job matching the brick.  of course the
mortar is still wet but once dry it will match the existing...
That's all for now.
Final decisions will be tile backsplash and paint colors.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Day 15 Update...

It would appear that we are pretty much on schedule.  I think we were waiting on the HVAC guy for a few days but otherwise we're in good shape.  They dropped the wood today....needs to acclimate.

GOT WOOD!!!  3 big piles...waiting to be installed next Friday?


So, that is where we are at!  We received our cabinet color sample today and the 3 different stain samples for the island.  Which means...we need to get on the ball now and choose our tile.  Fingers crossed, whatever we choose is in stock.  This weekend the electrician is coming back to finish up some things and to install our new outdoor lights.  The old lights are super ugly and white!  I'll have to take a picture and share the before and after.  I can imagine the new lights will make a huge difference!  Then next week it's sheetrock, taping, sanding (messy!!!)  and flooring.  
Soccer tournament this weekend!  
Have a good one!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Moving Right Along...

Day 11...
I was pleasantly surprised when I came home from work today!  Progress I could actually see!

looking into dining room. you can tell by the floor where the door used to be.  it has been opened up by almost 3 feet.
it makes a huge difference.  the fridge will be tucked in to the right. 

new window.  we had the old school bay-window there before.  this one lets in so much more light and  we can
see so much more of the backyard!

back here was the pantry closet w/ sliding doors.  the photo doesn't do it justice.  it's a nice big space, but I was
unable to get a decent angle.  this is where the butlers pantry will go and the  beverage center. 

this is the butlers area.  I'm standing in Terry's office but can't quite get all of this area in the shot. 

love how open this is now!!!  

in the dining room.  

in the front room looking into dining room.  we wanted to open up that doorway too but couldn't due to structure.

just another window shot.  our grill doesn't normally sit in the middle of our patio. :)  they had to move it to
put in the window.  

mudroom...they have the small closet framed.  to the right of the closet will be cabinets and the sink and to the left
is the cubbies (sorry for the dark photo, i hate using flash!) 
They have some duct work to do tomorrow and then sheetrock.  I think the wood flooring comes this week too.  They won't install that til' late next week maybe??

Terry and I went to ARHAUS yesterday.  I had received their catalogs in the mail before but didn't realize there was a store in Barrington (30 min. from us)  What a cool store!  Has to be one of my new favorites!  We had stopped in the night before on our way to a movie but didn't have much time to look.  Terry spotted a few tables he liked so we went back the next day.  We ended up buying a new round dining room table w/ 6 chairs and 5 light fixtures (dining room, 3 for the island and 1 above the kitchen table)  We will be selling the dining room set we currently have....we love it but it just doesn't fit the space like it did in our home in Missouri.  Even with the wall opened up, the space is just too small for a big table, large hutch & side board.  We're hoping to use the space more...especially if we have more room to entertain!

Tomorrow I'll be looking at tile, again!  I'm still waiting for our cabinet samples but will go check it out and see what I can find!  (or just confuse myself more with the over-abundance of options!)  ha~

Saturday, October 13, 2012


Day 10
Just thought I'd pop in to give you an update.  Things are moving along, we're pretty much on schedule.  This past week has been mostly electrical and some plumbing.  I did take a trip to the tile store.  Way too many options!   I haven't decided on anything as of yet.  I did take some pictures of things they were putting together for me.  I'm thinking I'd like to keep the backsplash more simple and then create a design behind the range.  But again, way too many options to choose from after visiting just one store.  I'll share the tile pictures but the lighting was awful!!  Using my flash made the tiles brighter than they were and not using my flash, well, of course the photos are very dark.  But wanted to share with you anyway...

the upper left corner has a piece or random tile...not part of my stuff?   little ornate for me!  again, the colors are
off a bit.  these are more grays/whites but do have some khaki undertones

see the difference in coloring!  way off.  

the circles are marble as are the squares.  i really like both but just not sure.  both were options for above the range? 

these tile were an option to put w/ 3x3 square tiles behind range, creating a pinwheel pattern

the white tiles are 3 different tiles. glossy (don't like at all) a matte & crackle.  then the smaller tiles are an
accent tile that would go w/ the 3x3 tiles

this was just a ROUGH sample....I wish the colors were better.  but again, NO decisions have been made
so this is just putting things together

The creamy matte finished tiles are created by hand.  So the edges aren't completely smooth.  I really like that about the tiles.  Makes each of them unique.  There is a subway tile in the upper right hand corner of the last photo (you can't see all of it) but I am leaning towards just the simple subway tile w/ the accent tile behind range.  But we'll see what the stores we visit today will have to offer!  
So, there are a few upsides to keeping the backsplash more simple....1. Subway tile is generally more inexpensive, although I think the hand made tiles do run more  2. When doing just an accent area you can afford to spend a little more on "nicer" tile because you need very little of it.  I'm not sure how much any of those tiles are but depending on what we did we would more than likely need one or two sheets.
Enjoy your weekend....
It's dinner out tonight!

Saturday, October 06, 2012

Day 4 & counting....

Looking forward to the weekend....peace, quiet and cleaning.  Terry is away with Kati for an Indian Princess camp out.  Lauren and I are home but she has been in and out.  Last night I took refuge on my couch and caught up on my recorded shows from the week!  (while Lauren spent the evening at the LZ Bears FB game or otherwise known as a "social event"!!!)   I have to say it wasn't quite as relaxing as I would have liked, as I spent much of the time fixating over the dust!   When this whole remodel started I felt pretty comfortable with how I had it all organized and my kitchen set up in the basement....BUT had someone told me to cover my furniture and take down every doo-dad I had sitting around....I would have done it!!!   Lesson learned!  In my head I was thinking I still wanted to have the family room be a room we could still use, being as we weren't taking out the carpet or any major demo (although, it will get painted and new trim).  I wanted it to feel like "home" still.  HA!   What was I thinking?   So, this morning I boxed up most of the doo-dads (decor) and dusted (again) and vacuumed!  I feel better, but I know in 2 hours, even though there is no construction today, that layer of dust will be back.
Yesterday the demo included more tile demo, sub floor and ceiling.  Mike (ICON-contractor) decided it would be easier to take the entire ceiling down in order to place the new can lights, pendants and reconfigure the lighting.  OY-VAY!
Photo update:

ceiling comes down

looking out from 1/2 bath

dining room & keno the kitty!

mud room

Meals have consisted of Tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches, Ikea Swedish meatballs, potatoes and their gravy, (not bad, but definitely better in the store cafe) and Panda Express. (our first take out meal) But I think Lauren and I will order pizza tonight!   Enjoy your weekend!

Friday, October 05, 2012

3rd Day Update...

Let me wipe the dust off my laptop before I type....Good gravy!

this little bench sits in my bedroom....upstairs!  hello....should have shut the doors, not sure that would have helped much?

 The tile is finally removed.  After 3 days of back-breaking labor.... 
this is one big-ass tool  (i can say that, right?)

On Tuesday I took a little trip to a granite warehouse.  I had a sample of granite that I had really liked, so when I went there I had an idea as to what I wanted.  Well, turns out the sample I had and the slabs of this particular granite were way different.  The slabs had a lot of yellow in them and that isn't what I wanted.  So, I went up and down a few rows and came across this one....I love it!   "Ipanema White".  Not sure the photos do it justice.  

rows of granite

this is it! 

big warehouse, not as cool as the work shop at the cabinet maker but still pretty neat!
The colors are creamy whites, grey, brown, a little sage green....super pretty, I think.  :)   It's kind of a stressful decision to have to make though, not a cheap purchase and one that you really need to know for sure.  But I think I made the right choice!

Here is the progress after day 3...

still trying to remove stubborn tile! 

opening into front room (you can see where the door was)

sub floor

in dining room looking into kitchen...opening this up too

there was a front closet here but all is coming out for a "butlers pantry" & beverage center