Tuesday, November 20, 2007


so it has been brought to my attention that i need an updated post! guess halloween has been over for quite some time now! can't believe thanksgiving is just 2 days away... which means x-mas is less than a month away!
so what have we been up to....i did our holiday decorating this past weekend. i usually wait until after thanksgiving but we're planning on taking the girls to kansas city to the great wolf lodge. it's the largest indoor water park? we've heard a lot of good things about it. the girls are beyond excited! so anyway, i thought i'd decorate early so when we got back we could just enjoy it and i wouldn't feel rushed to get it all up. christmas is my favorite holiday so for me, the earlier the better!
i haven't done much in the world of scrapbooking lately or any other type of craft. i guess my time is being consumed by other things. but i did start working on a few of these little guys. thought i'd share them with you. it's just a lunch sack folded in half to make a pocket. i also glued the sides so the hot cocoa and chocolates wouldn't slip out. just a fun little party favor or teachers gift. i was planning on making chocolate spoons for the bags but haven't gotten that far yet. so i improvised and used the cute little wooden spoon for the photo! ha
i have a few photo shoots lined up. i'm hoping those go well. i have a couple of fun ideas for them so i'm hoping i get to use them! they aren't for a few weeks yet so when i get the photos done i'll post them if the families don't mind.
have you started christmas shopping yet? i haven't even made a list. i did get a few little things purchased the other day but we aren't even close. we're trying to avoid toys this year! with all of the recalls it's just easier to not buy them! which really stinks as for kids it's all about the toys! guess we just need to make wise choices!
let's see....i'm still pluggin' away at the gym. in fact terry and i just switched gyms. i am so excited! there is a new golds gym that i tried out a few weeks ago. wow! it's pretty tough to compete with a bright shiny new gym... with all of the top notch equipment and so much more!
the girls are doing good. kati has a bit of a cold right now. in fact she had me up all night last night. i think i finally fell asleep at 5:30 am. as i'm dragging myself out of bed at 8:00 (in a panic to get lauren ready!) i wondered how i managed when they were both babies and i lived on 2 hours of sleep for months at a time! ha ha i'll leave you with a picture of kati. cute smirk, huh!
Happy Thanksgiving! safe travels!

Saturday, November 03, 2007

A Witch and her Kitty!

just wanting to share a quick Halloween photo of the girls.... Halloween this year was a lot of fun. we couldn't have asked for nicer weather. 2 other families got together with us in our driveway for a little fall dinner spread and a nice fire in the pit. i have to give credit to the the guys who organized the entire evening. terry was on top of everything. by 5:00 he had the entire driveway turned into a little party pit-stop! :) have a good weekend!