Sunday, February 05, 2006

Just touching base...

can't say i have all that much to blog about. but it's been a few days and thought i should say, "hey". anyone have big plans for the superbowl? terry is on his way home from lexington so later on today we'll head over to some neighbors for a big shindig. the girls will go to a different neighbors to play and do their own thing. which is always a bonus for us. we can actually visit and enjoy "adult" time without wondering what their (kati) getting into. we really can't complain though, they're pretty well behaved girls...well, when we're at someone else's home. not all that interested in the "game" in fact i'm not even all that sure who's playing. steelers vs. seahawks? sound right? just looking forward to some time with terry and good friends. oh, and let's not forget the food & beverages! i made a taco dip that kim gave me the recipe for. mmmm!
haven't been real successful yet with kati and her "broken" binky. although, today when we were out running errands she didn't ask for it. so i think we're getting somewhere. i keep the broken one in my purse so if she does ask for it i take it out and give it to her and she wants nothing to do with it.
sorry no new pict. to share. lauren has a cold, that means a huge red mark under her nose from wiping it...which means no picture taking for a few days. i did get some b/w taken at the park the other day but they are on my 35mm. i'll share some soon, i promise. i have been working on some layouts but unfortunately i can't share those as they are assignments and have to turn in. :)
i'll close with this...yesterday lauren and i were talking about's our conversation...
lauren: "mom, god is only in church ya know."
me: "no, sweetie god is everywhere, he can see us and hear our prayers from anywhere."
lauren: "ya, i think he has like this really big "speaker" in his ear so he can hear us really good from everywhere."
ha ha ha ha she cracks me up! i think she meant a hearing aid! ha ha
take care....


Michelle B said...

Too cute! Kids say the funniest things. We're doing nuthin' for the Superbowl. Heather's having a football widow's crop at Scrap Shack that I might crash for a few minutes, but I just really don't feel like scrapping today. Can't wait to see your projects! Hey, have you seen this site?

Go check it out. Their design team has some real talent. Have fun with your company! M

Anonymous said...

She comes up with some good ones, doesn't she, too funny! We stayed home for the Superbowl this year. Bob had guard and worked until after 6 pm. I just made chicken and beef fajita's, they were really good! Stacie and Randy had their annual party, but with Bob working late, we just figured we would stay home this year. Tanner went up to the church, they had a Superbowl party for 7-9th grades. He had a good time. Can't wait to see some new stuff! Especially new pictures, haven't gotten any new ones for awhile, hint hint! Ok gotta get busy for now, chat with you soon!