Thursday, February 23, 2006

A New Post for my Pal Michelle! :)

sorry it's taken forever to post....didn't have much to yack (is this a word?) about!

here is my week #2 challenge for scrapbook survivor. the challenge was to slant at least 3 photos. not an easy thing for me to do. i'm not a slant girl! all photos must be arranged in an orderly fashion! but i think i got it to work for me....their small enough to not bug the living day lights out of me....:)

on to other news....we're doing a little secret bunny game at Creative Xpress...well, i decided that i would head up the game and be in charge of drawing the names so everyone would have a secret bunny and posting the info etc....(the object of the game is to remain a secret and to spoil your bunny with big package at the end of the game is what we decided) sooooo wouldn't you know that i was the first one to give it away. yup, no longer a secret. well, i might as well show you the notebook i embellished for nichol...i still can't believe that i was the first to blow it. ok, yes i do believe it!

finally started moving terry's office stuff into his new office today. he's still waiting on his desk but at least his phone lines etc are in and now i have the spare room all to myself. no more sitting on the floor to check my e-mail. we now have a nice flat spot in the carpet from my butt nesting there so often!

ok, so i think that's it...can't think of anything else to chat about and the girls are in the tub screaming so i guess it's time to check on them before blood is drawn! good michelle, i promise to post more often. :)


Nichol Magouirk said...

just LOVE that layout with the little thumbnail photos on the tag...veddy veddy clever! ;) just love valentine's embellies. this layout is too cute.
and just wanted to say again how much I LOVE the notebook! can't wait to get it! hugs...

Michelle B said...'d you spoil the surprise? Too funny. The notebook is adorable!! I love all the different pinks going on. Thank you for the post, by the way. :) Can't have your blog getting dusty! That wouldn't fit the Kori way of life. :)

Kim said...

Cute notebook and layout! I can't imagine a layout that would be a challenge for you! How much longer for Terry's desk to be ready? I bet it really looks nice, can't wait to see it! How did you manage to give up the secret so fast? Chat with you soon! xo