Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Snow? & Thank You Michelle

i can't believe it's mid march and we have about 3" of snow on the ground here in missouri. sounds like other parts got a lot more, so i had better not complain. i think it has snowed all of 3x's this winter and it has stayed on the ground no more than a day. a person could get used to these kinds of winters! although, it was just last week when there were 9 tornados that touched down in missouri...what is up w/ the weather? crazy!
i LOVE getting cards and goodies in the mail. well, who doesn't. but lately it's been like christmas around here. i have the best friends i tell ya! just yesterday michelle sent me the cutest little package full of fun stuff. some of which she designed for lil davis. so cute!!! i was going to take a pict. this morning but my camera needs charging! love everything michelle, thank you!!!

this little number off to the left is a gift i made for teri. she is on the cx team with me and was nice enough to send me some extra product she had...i got the box from target. it unsnaps and has a small "drawer" that pulls out for pencils etc...the top was already pink. i also have gifts for wendy and greta but i can't get the pict. to load for some reason. sorry girls.
you'll have to wait. :)
and then this is a layout i did yesterday using the Heidi Swapp rub-ons that my secret bunny at 2peas gave me. i love these rub ons. these are older photos of lauren when we lived in alaska.
ok, i think i have one more photo to share....this happened yesterday. the neighbor girls came over to play....all was going far too well and it was way too quiet...so i went upstairs to check on them... to find kati covered in lip gloss and glitter. lauren had big blue streaks all over her face and lexi looked like an over sized reflector. she could have landed a plane w/ all of the sparkles she had on her face. oh my heavens. it was a mess. but they were having so much fun i just let them finish and cleaned up after them. so here they are in all of their glory.
kati's poor face looks like it hurts! she had lip gloss or something creamy smeared all over her hair...too funny. their playing again today and wanted to do make-overs again....uh, i threw it all away. ooops....they had made such a mess of everything i didn't want to bother trying to salvage and clean up the little bit that was left. oh, to be a kid again! :)
have a good day! hugs


Michelle B said...

ROFL!!! Look at them!! Too funny. Kati looks like a little Hindu girl with the red dot on her forehead. Oh. My. Word. Too darn cute. Glad you liked the goodies! Love the Homer layout. And that pencil box is adorable! Man, I don't miss the tornados. Scary. Have a great day!

Kim said...

WOW! Aren't they just beautiful! ha ha. Kati's face does look like it hurts. Lauren got by pretty good, doesn't look like she had much on her face. I agree, with Michelle, was wondering about the little red dot on her forhead. I love the layout and box, of course you know I always love your stuff!!! Should have your own magazine! We lucked out up here, no snow, but the temps have been a little colder. Would be nice to see it warm up now.

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Anonymous said...

I see future Vogue girls in the making! Watch out Heidi Klum!!

Nichol said...

LOVE that pic of the girls in the makeup...a scrapbook page for sure! lol
love the white space on the alaska layout....the rub-ons look fab like that.
and teri is a lucky girl...that is adorable! love it!!!!