Friday, March 03, 2006

4 Giddy Girls+SlumberParty=TROUBLE!

oh my heavens! what did i get us into? 4 girls all under the age of 6! wow! no sugar needed! somehow i got roped into having a slumber party at our house tonight. all i can say is... i just don't know if i'm ready for all of this. i think back to when i was in middle school or even jr. high....the stunts we used to pull when we stayed at a friends house...and what we must have put the other members of the family through....holy smokes! i remember flicking pudding up at my girlfriends basement ceiling w/ plastic spoons. can you imagine? or putting crushed crackers in someone's hair because they were the first to fall asleep. did we think of these things. i guess i'm just going to have to keep reminding myself of my adolescent days and all of the mischievous things i least the girls were just giggling and running wild through the house! and thank goodness their still too young to lock themselves in the bedroom and talk to boys on the phone til all hours of the night! but....I LOVE HAVING GIRLS! (i know, you're all saying, "just wait til' their 13!)
feelin' good...was able to finish my 2 layouts for my Scrapbook Answers assignment. hopefully, they'll like them so i won't have to panic and re-do. i was even able to finish up a layout that had been unfinished for a few days.
well, suppose i should close while the house is finally quiet. i'll post my misc. layout i finished...oh, by the way... i'm almost out of the heidi swapp hearts....i've been using them on just about every layout :) ha ha, figured you must be sick of seeing them on my last few layouts! love using her letters too, w/ staples
hope you have a great wk. end....
ps. cari i'm glad you got it figured out! :) hugs

why does that dang picture always go to the top? grrr...what am i doing wrong people? or is that just the way it is? hmmm


some_bunny_luvs_u said...

I finally checked out your gallery a bit and found your blog and now I feel lost! You have everything!!!! I think I need to ask you for a wish list! Happy blogging!

Michelle B said...

Cute, cute layout Kori! Pics always go to the top, but once you've uploaded them into the posting box, before you publish the post, you can drag them down into the journaling and position them where you want them.

Hmmm, I have some hs hearts that I've never used? lol Oh, not the chipboard ones, though, the ghost ones.

Sooooo, tonight's date night!! Watcha gonna wear? Where are you going???

Nichol said...

love those hearts too, kori! such a cute layout, so sweet.

Kirsty said...

that is a beautiful layout