Saturday, March 11, 2006


so as i mentioned in my previous post, i had a night out with the girls last night. my husband was leaving for a few days, so i arranged a sitter. well, the 2 neighbor girls were over playing, which is good but i think it often times would be better if only one of them were here playing. (won't get into that) so i went across the street before i left to tell their mom i was leaving etc....i gave the babysitter the run down and said the girls need to go home sometime soon. i didn't want her watching 4 girls when i was paying her to watch 2!!! totally not fair to here, right. soooo, 7:00-7:30 rolls around and terry is back home. his flight was over booked etc....he said he walked into a complete disaster!! the poor sitter was in a frenzy, apologizing left and right. ya see, earlier that day i told the girls NO crafts upstairs in the kitchen. NONE....the table we have in their is's one of those counter height tables. wasn't all that expensive, but is nice and we like it. well, as you can about imagine...the 4 girls had talked her into letting them do crafts on the table. i didn't tell her not to let she was totally set up! AND the one neighbor girl refused to drink water...she wanted some gatorade. so the sitter gave in and let her have this little bottle of RED friggin' you see where this is going? yup, you guess it, onto my chair pads. their scotch-guarded but there was a big-ol' red stain across the chair this morning. i scrubbed it a bit last night then decided to put some oxi spray on it. so we'll see if i can get it out. the sitter felt so bad....oh and back to the arts and crafts. bless my husbands heart....he tried cleaning everything up and the house looked pretty darn good. almost the way i left it. i guess both girls were covered head to toe with ink and glue and so was my table top!!!! luckily it's washable ink and the glue is just elmers. but it had dried and i had to scrub. the one neighbor girl was still at our house when my husband came home. i totally set our sitter up to fail! i feel horrible about it. i should have sent those girls home before i even left. none of this would have happened as lauren knows better than to do crafts on the kitchen table other than color. we have our old table and chairs in our basement just for that purpose.
as for my evening prior to going home was so much fun. we went out for dinner and a few drinks. my neighbors husband was our driver. nothing like curbside service!


Cari said...

Sorry about the disaster.
Isn't it amazing how our kids know what is right & wrong yet when they're with their friends those "rules" are quickly forgotten.
Glad that you were able to get things cleaned up!

And sounds like you had a nice girls night out! I could SO use one of those!

Kim said...

Good for you that you were able to get out! Next time hopefully it won't be so caotic! It was nice of Terry to get it cleaned up for you. Hope you enjoyed your night out with the girls!