Thursday, March 30, 2006

Good Morning...

been a few days since i've posted but unfortunately i don't really have anything exciting or interesting to post. i've worked on a few projects over the past few days but i can't share them just yet sooo....i thought i would share a few pict. of the inside of our house. many of my friends have not seen our house yet. i did not take pictures of any of the bedrooms or even the kitchen. i was in the process of cleaning the kitchen so i avoided that part of the house.
so there you have it. just a few shots of the living room, dining room, mud room, upstairs bonus room and entry way. the table that i took a picture of was my great grandma's table. i guess it's roughly 100 years old or more? my dad refinished it several years ago and it could probably use it again... but the legs on the table are amazing... big chunky carved legs. love it. i'll take some pictures of our kitchen one of these days. it's a burnt orange color w/ dark wood cabinets. i love it! there isn't many things about this house that i don't like. terry picked it out all by himself as the girls and i were in fargo visiting family at the time. i get sad at the thought of ever leaving this house. kind of silly to get attached to a house, huh. we're planning on moving the flat screen tv upstairs into the bonus room and making the downstairs living room a more formal space. (we aren't very formal people though, so i'm not sure if this will ever actually happen?) terry HATES our couches so we may even swap them out?
i'm itching to paint that back wall by the fireplace a dark brown but then i'd have to find new things for the mantle so they wouldn't get lost in the wall color. darn! i hate it when i have to shop for new accessories!
looks like another beautiful day here...although, their calling for rain later. but i'll take 70 degrees! not sure what we have on our agenda today. i was hoping to scrap a bit when kati naps. i wish i could get more done at night. the girls are in bed by 8:00-8:15 so one would think i would have several hours to play. but for some reason i hate being all the way downstairs, alone at night by myself. ha ha big ol' chicken. when i cover up the windows it isn't so bad but the thought of someone looking in at me freaks me out! i'm such a dork.
maybe i'll have a layout to post tomorrow. i moved on to round 5 of scrapbook survivor! yahoo! but the next assignment is a tough one. better get on it!
have a super day! hugs to all! k


Kim said...

Can't wait to see the kitchen, I loved the way it was before. Take of Terry's office too, the color looks really nice in there. Of course its all spotless as usual! The weather here is rainy, I woke to thunder and lightning this morning kind of weird for us at this time. The temperatures are not bad, but now we have to worry alittle about flooding. I hope its not too bad this spring. Chat with you later.

Michelle B said...

That green paint is GORGEOUS!! It's all beautiful, of course. :) Maybe one day I'll see it in person? :) Have a great day.

Nichol said...

beautiful house, kori!
I don't like being down in the basement by myself either...I am a huge chicken!
(and your house is so clean and tidy....mine is a wreck....too much scrappin', not enough cleaning, lol)