Friday, March 10, 2006

Already Friday!

Hi! so it's the start of the weekend again. man, where does the time go. not sure i have anything to "blog" about but it's been almost a week since i've done so....we signed lauren up for kindergarten yesterday. she's so excited. and so ready! i think she was in awe. all of the big kids walking around with their backpacks and little kids lined up ready to get on the bus. poor thing wants to ride the bus so bad...but it really doesn't make sense for her to ride the bus when her school is just a mile down the road. i remember when i was little...if you rode the bus that meant you were a geek. ha ha oh, how times have changed! or maybe i'm just getting old and it really does mean you're a geek? i don't know?
we're going to have a busy spring/summer. lauren is all signed up for swimming, soccer and tumbling. i tried t-ball but she didn't want to do that. which is fine...i'll keep workin' on her :) i played fast pitch softball since i was in 6th grade...but of course now my arm, wrist and elbow thank me for it! poor kati needs some activities...i just couldn't see paying $30 for play dates. there isn't a lot of organized activities for kids under 4-5.
i applied for another design team! Cherry Arte. WOW!! i love their papers! BUT i'm sure i'm not the only one and once word gets out there will be a designer frenzy and i'll just be one of a 1000 that applies. but i guess at least i gave it a whirl. they won't announce the chosen few until may. so i wait!
going out with the girls tonight!!! can you believe it's 2 outings in 2 weeks. holy smokes! i'm so looking forward to it...i think we're doing a nice dinner first and then a few after dinner beverages.
i'm just rambling...i did make this cute little box for Cheryl (who i haven't had the opportunity to get to know all that well yet. she's on the SBA design team as well.) cheryl was in a terrible accident a while back and is having some major back problems...anyway her close friends sent out an e-mail to those who know her requesting cards with jokes. well, for those of you who know me...i'm terrible at telling jokes. i forget the punch line or i leave out words that are important in making the joke even tho' the joke would have been written in a card...i'm almost positive i would have screwed it up somehow. so i opted to make her a little gift box from the box the Heidi Swapp chipboard letters come in. BUT the photos i took of it are terrible. i also put some chocolate in there and a few of her other favorites...skittles and green orbit gum. ? i hope she likes it and i hope she's feeling better.
hopefully my misc. ramblings haven't been too terribly painful to read....ha
ps...if you're reading this tami...thanks so much for the sweet card! made my day!
have a super weekend!


Nichol said...

girls night out sounds SO fun! have a great time!!!

Cari said...

I knew that you would apply for CA!!! Love their stuff too!
I'm thinking about too but I don't have a single sheet of paper!!!

And my! Their new spring papers are gorgeous!!