Sunday, March 05, 2006

Good Times & "Bunny" Request

well, for those of you who may be wondering....our date night was a success! our plans changed a little when our neighbors called and wanted to know if we would join them. so we met them at morton's steak house. wow! the food was awesome! delicious crab cakes! almost equivalent to alaskan crab cakes. :) as if appetizer, drinks and a huge meal wasn't enough...probably a 3000 calorie consumption in one sitting! we had reservations at the melting pot. i had never heard of this can eat dinner or you can just reserve a table for dessert. it's a fondue place. each table has a hot plate on it for appetizer such as cheeses/breads or for us it was for our chocolate turtle fondue. zoinks! creamy milk chocolate laced w/ caramel and topped with pecans all melted to perfection. then they bring a couple of plates with a spread of brownies, sponge cake, cheesecake, strawberries, bananas, pineapple... oh and i forgot marshmallow. finish it off with a good cup of coffee...pure heaven.
we had such a good time. thanks neighbors!
rainy gloomy day here today. good day to scrap.
as i explained in a post previously...i am involved in a "secret bunny" game...the secret bunny who has my name posted a comment on my last i thought i would respond to her in case she visits my blog again? she made thecomment, "it looks like i have everything"....I ONLY WISH!!! ha ha i really don't have much and i love and appreciate anything and everything. love the greatest and latest products...heidi swapp is one of my favorites, lil davis, ki, chatterbox, mm, and the list goes on and on!!! so really, don't fret...i'll love anything! thank you!


Michelle B said...

Your date sounds like fun! And the food sounds amazing. :)

Nichol said...

sounds like you had a wonderful date night! a little jealous here...missed our date night this weekend and I SO missed it! had a date with my 7 year old instead, lol. love reading your blog, kori!

Cari said...

Oh my ... that fondue place sounds amazing!!!! Would definitely have to exercise the next FOR SURE!!! LOL!
Reminds me that my hubby & I need to have a date night again very soon!

Wendy Malichio said...

Oh wow Kori! I think that's so cool that your bunny posted on your blog - ha ha!

Kim said...

The fondue things sounds right up your alley! It sounded heavenly! Glad you had a good time and were able to get out on a date. Sounds like you might have had your hand full with the sleepover, hope all went well. I know how those things can go all too well, ha ha.

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