Friday, March 31, 2006


friday is here already.....busy wk. end planned. ok, well not "crazy busy" or anything. lauren starts soccer practice tonight, then a game at 8:00 am saturday. nothing like ONE day of practice. ha ha not that it really matters at that age. saturday night we're heading over to our neighbors for dinner. i'm in charge of bringing an appetizer. any good recipes or ideas for me. please share!
my in-laws we'll be here next week for a long weekend. i'm looking forward to that. i know some people dred the thought of their in-laws coming to visit but we always have a great time just hanging out. it's laid back, it's easy. i don't have to cook big fancy meals (not that i would anyway!) having been moved away from our families for 9 years now it's always a treat when someone comes to visit. i'm so very thankful that i don't work outside of our home and i can spend time with them when they come to visit. it sure makes it a lot easier only having to plan around one persons full time job.
supposed to be a beautiful day here today. last night was kind of ugly! our one bedroom wall faces south and the wind always comes from the south, or so it seems. man, when it rains hard and the wind blows it sounds like our house is getting shot at!! so needless to say it wasn't a very restful nights sleep. well, how could it be with lauren laying next to me too....if i don't have a foot in my face i'm getting slapped by her hand. man, she roots around!
so anyway...i wasn't going to write much...but looks like i've managed to ramble on about a-whole-lot-of-nothin'. have a great weekend! hugs
ps. did the layout yesterday...i think this is the first "tub" layout i've ever done of the girls. :)


Kim said...

Love the layout, very cute! You could do the bacon wrapped water chestnuts, those are always good and very easy. Just wrap part of a strip of bacon around a whole water chestnut then bake in the over until bacon is done. Bake at 350 - 375. Or you could do that layered taco dip, that is always good and easy too. The other thing I like to make it the thin sliced ham sandwich meat, put a thin layer of cream cheese and then wray a pickle up in it. Then slice them, or if you use smaller pickles you can leave them whole. Sounds like you will have a fun weekend. We don't start soccer for a couple of more weeks, way to wet around here and still have some snow. Have a great weekend!

Michelle B said...

How about Sallie's Fiesta Shrimp? That's my old standby now. People LOVE it! Love the tub layout!!