Saturday, October 13, 2012


Day 10
Just thought I'd pop in to give you an update.  Things are moving along, we're pretty much on schedule.  This past week has been mostly electrical and some plumbing.  I did take a trip to the tile store.  Way too many options!   I haven't decided on anything as of yet.  I did take some pictures of things they were putting together for me.  I'm thinking I'd like to keep the backsplash more simple and then create a design behind the range.  But again, way too many options to choose from after visiting just one store.  I'll share the tile pictures but the lighting was awful!!  Using my flash made the tiles brighter than they were and not using my flash, well, of course the photos are very dark.  But wanted to share with you anyway...

the upper left corner has a piece or random tile...not part of my stuff?   little ornate for me!  again, the colors are
off a bit.  these are more grays/whites but do have some khaki undertones

see the difference in coloring!  way off.  

the circles are marble as are the squares.  i really like both but just not sure.  both were options for above the range? 

these tile were an option to put w/ 3x3 square tiles behind range, creating a pinwheel pattern

the white tiles are 3 different tiles. glossy (don't like at all) a matte & crackle.  then the smaller tiles are an
accent tile that would go w/ the 3x3 tiles

this was just a ROUGH sample....I wish the colors were better.  but again, NO decisions have been made
so this is just putting things together

The creamy matte finished tiles are created by hand.  So the edges aren't completely smooth.  I really like that about the tiles.  Makes each of them unique.  There is a subway tile in the upper right hand corner of the last photo (you can't see all of it) but I am leaning towards just the simple subway tile w/ the accent tile behind range.  But we'll see what the stores we visit today will have to offer!  
So, there are a few upsides to keeping the backsplash more simple....1. Subway tile is generally more inexpensive, although I think the hand made tiles do run more  2. When doing just an accent area you can afford to spend a little more on "nicer" tile because you need very little of it.  I'm not sure how much any of those tiles are but depending on what we did we would more than likely need one or two sheets.
Enjoy your weekend....
It's dinner out tonight!


Anonymous said...

Those are all so beautiful. How are you ever going to choose? It is fun watching progress can't wait to see end result.

Janie B.

Anonymous said...

Love the colors sis...I can't wait to see the entire thing done in a few weeks.
Hang in there! Drinks are on the way