Monday, October 15, 2012

Moving Right Along...

Day 11...
I was pleasantly surprised when I came home from work today!  Progress I could actually see!

looking into dining room. you can tell by the floor where the door used to be.  it has been opened up by almost 3 feet.
it makes a huge difference.  the fridge will be tucked in to the right. 

new window.  we had the old school bay-window there before.  this one lets in so much more light and  we can
see so much more of the backyard!

back here was the pantry closet w/ sliding doors.  the photo doesn't do it justice.  it's a nice big space, but I was
unable to get a decent angle.  this is where the butlers pantry will go and the  beverage center. 

this is the butlers area.  I'm standing in Terry's office but can't quite get all of this area in the shot. 

love how open this is now!!!  

in the dining room.  

in the front room looking into dining room.  we wanted to open up that doorway too but couldn't due to structure.

just another window shot.  our grill doesn't normally sit in the middle of our patio. :)  they had to move it to
put in the window.  

mudroom...they have the small closet framed.  to the right of the closet will be cabinets and the sink and to the left
is the cubbies (sorry for the dark photo, i hate using flash!) 
They have some duct work to do tomorrow and then sheetrock.  I think the wood flooring comes this week too.  They won't install that til' late next week maybe??

Terry and I went to ARHAUS yesterday.  I had received their catalogs in the mail before but didn't realize there was a store in Barrington (30 min. from us)  What a cool store!  Has to be one of my new favorites!  We had stopped in the night before on our way to a movie but didn't have much time to look.  Terry spotted a few tables he liked so we went back the next day.  We ended up buying a new round dining room table w/ 6 chairs and 5 light fixtures (dining room, 3 for the island and 1 above the kitchen table)  We will be selling the dining room set we currently have....we love it but it just doesn't fit the space like it did in our home in Missouri.  Even with the wall opened up, the space is just too small for a big table, large hutch & side board.  We're hoping to use the space more...especially if we have more room to entertain!

Tomorrow I'll be looking at tile, again!  I'm still waiting for our cabinet samples but will go check it out and see what I can find!  (or just confuse myself more with the over-abundance of options!)  ha~

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