Friday, October 05, 2012

3rd Day Update...

Let me wipe the dust off my laptop before I type....Good gravy!

this little bench sits in my bedroom....upstairs!  hello....should have shut the doors, not sure that would have helped much?

 The tile is finally removed.  After 3 days of back-breaking labor.... 
this is one big-ass tool  (i can say that, right?)

On Tuesday I took a little trip to a granite warehouse.  I had a sample of granite that I had really liked, so when I went there I had an idea as to what I wanted.  Well, turns out the sample I had and the slabs of this particular granite were way different.  The slabs had a lot of yellow in them and that isn't what I wanted.  So, I went up and down a few rows and came across this one....I love it!   "Ipanema White".  Not sure the photos do it justice.  

rows of granite

this is it! 

big warehouse, not as cool as the work shop at the cabinet maker but still pretty neat!
The colors are creamy whites, grey, brown, a little sage green....super pretty, I think.  :)   It's kind of a stressful decision to have to make though, not a cheap purchase and one that you really need to know for sure.  But I think I made the right choice!

Here is the progress after day 3...

still trying to remove stubborn tile! 

opening into front room (you can see where the door was)

sub floor

in dining room looking into kitchen...opening this up too

there was a front closet here but all is coming out for a "butlers pantry" & beverage center


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