Saturday, October 06, 2012

Day 4 & counting....

Looking forward to the weekend....peace, quiet and cleaning.  Terry is away with Kati for an Indian Princess camp out.  Lauren and I are home but she has been in and out.  Last night I took refuge on my couch and caught up on my recorded shows from the week!  (while Lauren spent the evening at the LZ Bears FB game or otherwise known as a "social event"!!!)   I have to say it wasn't quite as relaxing as I would have liked, as I spent much of the time fixating over the dust!   When this whole remodel started I felt pretty comfortable with how I had it all organized and my kitchen set up in the basement....BUT had someone told me to cover my furniture and take down every doo-dad I had sitting around....I would have done it!!!   Lesson learned!  In my head I was thinking I still wanted to have the family room be a room we could still use, being as we weren't taking out the carpet or any major demo (although, it will get painted and new trim).  I wanted it to feel like "home" still.  HA!   What was I thinking?   So, this morning I boxed up most of the doo-dads (decor) and dusted (again) and vacuumed!  I feel better, but I know in 2 hours, even though there is no construction today, that layer of dust will be back.
Yesterday the demo included more tile demo, sub floor and ceiling.  Mike (ICON-contractor) decided it would be easier to take the entire ceiling down in order to place the new can lights, pendants and reconfigure the lighting.  OY-VAY!
Photo update:

ceiling comes down

looking out from 1/2 bath

dining room & keno the kitty!

mud room

Meals have consisted of Tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches, Ikea Swedish meatballs, potatoes and their gravy, (not bad, but definitely better in the store cafe) and Panda Express. (our first take out meal) But I think Lauren and I will order pizza tonight!   Enjoy your weekend!

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