Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Day 18...

So here we are at day 18... Sheet rock is done, taping a mudding is done....just waiting for it all to dry so they can sand.  The humidity these past 2 days hasn't helped the drying process.  It was almost 80 degrees today and we had to turn on the heat and get the fans a-blowin' in order for the mud to dry.

I just can't wait for the dust to settle.  I have to say that is probably my biggest issue with the remodel so far.  The dust!  One would think it would be, being without a kitchen!   Sounds like the floors will go in on Monday rather than Friday and apparently our  cabinets are almost finished.  Clippin' right along!

Updated photos:

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butlers pantry...(have i ever mentioned how much i hate the wall color in terry's office! )

kitchen window...makes such a huge difference!

finished doing the brick work today.  looks so much better.  they did a great job matching the brick.  of course the
mortar is still wet but once dry it will match the existing...
That's all for now.
Final decisions will be tile backsplash and paint colors.

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