Tuesday, November 13, 2012

We're getting closer!

Greetings...Just thought I'd pop in for an update.  We've had painters in since last week....what a nightmare that has been!   We arranged to have painters come in ourselves rather than go with our contractors painters....HUGE mistake!!!!  We thought we would save a few bucks etc.... We hired Certa Pro, who had good reviews when I researched them on line... Long story short, everything is fixed now, after a week of painting!  
Look what showed up a few days ago...

the goods!

in the meantime, the electrician put in the new outside lights, nothing too fancy
but puts the old ones to shame!  (remember the white ones....)

soooo, this is the dining room light fixture!!  i LOVE it!  terry and i were both
skeptical and were on the verge of not getting it.  but the salesman talked us into taking it home,
put it in the space and see what we thought.  turns out we love it!
our other lights are being delivered on the 20th....

we love the shadow it casts on the ceiling!  it looks so much better in person!  (i still
have to paint the medallion on the ceiling)

the new chair rail and framing in the dining room....so glad we decided to do this!
the outlets were a pain, they had to be right in the middle of the trim.  but i think
the carpenter did a great job blending it all in.  Wall color is
Revere Pewter from Benjamin Moore, it looks dark but the lighting wasn't that great.
So it isn't that dark.  

mudroom~wall color is Ellsworth Khaki from Benjamin Moore

the holiday greens are out at Hawthorn Woods Gardens...I just couldn't wait!

i need more berries!  looks kind of pathetic! 

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