Thursday, November 01, 2012


The cabinets arrived today!!!!  Unfortunately, not all of them.  The truck wasn't big enough to make one trip!  Guess that means I'll have something to look forward to tomorrow!   I am loving the cabinets.... Terry has been doubtful these past few weeks, wondering if we made a mistake going with white (white-ish) cabinets...I am so glad we went light!  I have no regrets!   Our island is stained dark, so it will tone down the amount of white.  And the floors will be stained dark too.  It will all balance out.
The arch above the sink isn't quite right.... (Or they left a piece behind. ) Above the sink is an arch that is supposed to replicate the one above the stove.  As or right now they have a plain piece of wood up there w/ no architectural grooves and that piece of wood is supposed to be thicker.  So, I'm hoping that will get fixed tomorrow.  

love it!  of course the moulding isn't up yet, so there won't be the space in between the cabinet
 and ceiling

Keno getting in on the photo, again.  we considered having the butlers pantry in the dark
stain like the island but decided not to as we were trying to "lighten" up the space.

butlers pantry...i'll have to take a pict. of the inside of the tall much room . they
made a mistake putting in the electrical.  see the 2 dangling wires coming out of the wall.  ya,
not supposed to be there.  easy fix.  (i guess?)

Tomorrow I have a "paint consultant" coming over to look through a plethora of swatches.  It's a service the paint company offers, so I thought I would take advantage of it.  Maybe she can help make decisions faster!
Have a good weekend!   

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