Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving! & Random stuff....

Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends!  We are spending this Thanksgiving without family but are so thankful to have good friends who let us crash at their lake home!  Our hardwood floors are in the process of being stained.  They started sanding yesterday and put the first coat of stain on.  We stopped by the house around 7 last night and peeked in through the windows while they finished up the staining.  I LOVE the color!   I had to swing by this morning to let them in the house.  I was in the house for maybe 15 min. and could hardly tolerate to be in there any longer!  The odor was so strong!  I opened up a few windows upstairs, hoping to keep our poor cat (Keno) from getting sick!

the view from the lake house!  :)

I only have a few new photos to share....

i finished painting the bathroom last week and have to say i did a much better job than the "professionals"!
the wall color of both the hall and bath look darker than they really are in person.  the bathroom
color is "gray owl"  from benjamin moore

just the inside of the pantries.  

grabbed my camera one morning while i took Fargo out... it was so foggy and kind of "eerie" outside!

our eat in kitchen light fixture.  (crate and barrel)  i need a different bulb for it. 

just another "eerie" picture.

I'll be back next week with lots of updates.  (I hope)  Granite and appliances should be going in.. although our sink won't be in until the 28th so that counter won't be in until that comes in.  And hopefully they'll get the bathroom put back together...I think we've figured out our tile backsplash too!

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