Wednesday, November 07, 2012

I Can See the Light!

It's been a while since I've posted... there wasn't much happening last week.  A few things had to be tweaked before we could move forward.  But when I walked in today, after being gone for a good part of the day, and saw the progress that had been made....I was very pleased and am actually "giddy" about how well things are coming together.   Millwork is being done chair rail, base trim and some crown moulding.  The cabinet install was finished today!  The granite goes on next Friday and then we can tile the backsplash after that.  (once we figure out what we're putting up!)  I picked out paint colors for 5 of the rooms and sent those to the painters.  I am going to paint the office and 1/2 bath myself.  Not only to save a few bucks but I can actually got to a paint store, pick out several swatches and not be in a time crunch to pick colors.  We went with Certa Pro painters, who are probably going to be fantastic to work with and I'm sure they'll do a great job...BUT they offer a service where a consultant will come in and bring paint swatches and help you put colors together.  I know what I like, so I don't really need help but I thought the extra eye would be nice and she was totally on board with the colors I was picking.  She spent over an hour with me but then had to leave....but I still wasn't 100% on the colors I had chosen.  I usually tape the sample up on the wall and live with it for a few days.  Well, we don't have many lights that actually work right now, so lighting is terrible and we all know colors change with whatever time of the day it feeling unsure of myself, I went on the Benjamin Moore website.  Good gravy!!!  I confused myself even more.  I must have spent 5 days 2 hours a day looking at paint colors.  One color led to another color to another....I had a list of 30 colors I now liked!!!  I had to make a decision today if I want them to start painting tomorrow.  So, this morning I sent the email with the colors.  I keep telling myself, it's just paint....I can always paint over it.  But, then we're paying someone to paint, so why would I want to have to paint over anytime soon!  uhg!!!   The colors I chose are very neutral and muted.  Nothing crazy...classic colors that all blend nicely together.  ( I hope!) is where we are at:

cubbies in the mudroom...i have to pick up some hooks to go inside of each cubby 

closet in mudroom, small'ish but big enough for vacuum and extra coats etc...

looking into kitchen from mudroom

the lighting is terrible.  but the back of the island is bead-board and the sides have frames.

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dining room.  adding the chair rail and frames under the rail as well as crown moulding
yes, we're replacing the chandelier  in the dining room!  

not much new here other than the crown on the cabinets,  they still have to add the glass
shelves and grids on the glass (i can't wait to fill this up with goodies!)

dusty island!  the middle drawer is going to be for the dishes (every day eating plates/bowls etc)  and the
opening is for the microwave drawer.  

range hood

where the sink will go, obviously! 

IKEA handles & knobs...  handles on drawers, knobs on doors 

close up of crown, lights

above the fridge

another photo of hood...

i can fit down here!  :) 

That's it for now.  We're hoping to be done by Thanksgiving!  I can not wait to cook a meal or make a pot of coffee in my kitchen (rather than in my bathroom!)  

*side note: The floors are still needing to be sanded and stained.  I had a few ask me if this was our floor color.  This is raw wood.  Apparently, they like to install it and then sand and finish at the very end!  This way they don't have to be overly neat and if there are any dings they can sand them out.

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Anonymous said...

Looking fabulous. Can't wait to see it when finished.

Janie B.