Tuesday, June 12, 2007


well, i can finally post and say i actually feel pretty good. that flu bug just did not want to go away. it took a good 5 days before i didn't feel queasy. hate that. although, it did help me loose 7 lbs. love that!

first i need to wish my dear friend Laura a happy birthday! hope you have a super birthday and a great time at the concert!
summer is in full swing here. i took the girls to the park today for a picnic, we met some friends and had a great time. although, 82 degrees seemed a lot more like 102! poor kati and the heat just don't mix.
we haven't been up to too much. i'll randomly fill you in.....
saturday we made it to the pool.
sunday we just hung out. i guess terry golfed
monday i took lauren to the library to get her signed up for a summer reading program. she's so excited about that. after reading so many books they get a prize and win 2 baseball tickets to see the river city rascals (a minor league baseball team) we also had to try to find another bathing suit for her. target seems to have the cutest ones for the best price. i can't justify paying $25 for a kids suit.
then today was the grocery store, the park for a picnic and tonight we're heading out for a nice dinner w/ terry's cousin scott who is in town for business.
lauren has swimming lessons again on wednesday.
gymnastics on thursday
thank goodness soccer is over for the season! so fridays and saturdays are now free. i'm thinking about taking the girls to 6 flags on friday w/ some neighbors and then saturday morning myself and 2 of my friends are doing the 5k run/walk for the cure in st. louis. i'm pretty excited about that. and then saturday night we have a party to go to.
whewwww! busy, but fun!
i was looking through my pictures and came across a couple of things i did for pink martini a while back. i figured i could show you them by now.... the bulletin board and magazine box.
i had better see what the girls are up to....chat later....


Kim said...

Glad you are feeling better, very cute projects. Sounds like you have been pretty busy. We're looking forward to you guys coming soon.

Michelle said...

Wow, you've got a full schedule! These projects are so cute. I especially love that magazine box. A row of those would be awfully pretty on a shelf!

laura vegas said...

love the projects ... especially the bulletin board. do you actually use it? because i keep making these cute bulletin boards and then never pinning anything to them. lol!
thanks for the birthday wishes! appreciate that!
find some time in there to breathe and relax too! so much going on!

iralamija said...

wowowww!! such beautiful creations!! love everything!!!

Bety :)