Sunday, June 24, 2007

*Disney* collectors?

a few months ago after terry finished building me some shelves in our basement i came across a large box of Disney beanies that i had collected several years ago when i worked in management for the Disney Store. i have never really been a huge fan but for some reason i thought i needed all of these beanies or that my children would some day need them. the last thing i want is 42 beanies to pick up every before i put them on Craig's list or EBay i thought i would post it on my blog first. like i mentioned there are 41 beanies plus 1 "Cast Member" Mickey. ( i'm not suppose to sell this one because ONLY cast members should have them but i'm willing to send him to a new home, even if i'm breaking the rules :) all of the beanies have their original tags and are in good shape. i only have one that is doubled up, which is flubber. so if anyone knows of anyone who would like ALL of these send them to my blog and have them contact me. i'll give it a few days and then i'll put them up for sale elsewhere. i don't want my girls to see that i still have these otherwise they'll never leave my house. (


laura vegas said...

i have a collection of the small disney bobble-head toys that came in the cereal boxes ... it's in a disney shaped collectors box that was displayed at the grocery store. i keep talking about opening it up and dumping them in the daycare kids toy baskets ... but my husband thinks they're worth millions. so they sit in the garage. lol!

Kim said...

Boy I hear ya with the Beanies! I am amazed at how many we have, of course many coming from you when you were at Disney. I've kept a few of their favorite ones and got rid of the others. My kids played with them so some are not in such great shape. I'm sure someone will buy all of them.

doris said...

wowzas! what a disney haul! :D