Sunday, June 17, 2007

Great Wk. End

so this weekend has been very busy but overall a great weekend. friday night started out with our monthly bunco group getting together. now, we haven't actually played bunco in months (don't tell our husbands...but i think their onto us!) but just getting together with neighbors and friends is always a treat. the host always makes great food and the beverages are usually pretty darn tasty as well.

saturday morning was the Susan Komen race for the Cure in st. louis. it was only a 5k but at 93 degrees and 65,000 of our closest friends joining us it was steamy to say the least. but what an amazing race. i wish i had brought my camera. but i knew with the heat i probably wasn't going to want to lug it around. if you ever have the opportunity to be a part of something of this magnitude or have never really given it a thought, it's definitely something everyone should experience at least once. we were all surprised at how organized and how smoothly everything seemed to go. with that many people you would think it would be a complete mess. the race got started on time and it took us an hour and 40 minutes to walk it. the first mile seemed like it took forever...i'm not sure how many people were in front of us but when we made it to the top of a hill it seemed as though there were miles of people in front of us and just as many behind us. it was just amazing. body after body. it probably sounds silly but it was so empowering. this is something i definitely want to do every year and get the rest of our family involved as well. lauren was pretty jazzed about it when i got home and said she wanted to race next year! st. louis just missed the record for most registered to race by 100!

i'm pretty sure my husband doesn't read my blog or at least not often but if by chance he happens to take a peak...happy father's day sweetheart! you're an amazing father and i probably don't tell you often enough. so thank you for all you do...for me, for the girls and for our family! i love you!

so i was looking around on line a bit ago and found a couple of cool sites. there is a new magazine coming out (if not already?) called Organize. i can't wait to get my hands on this one. and the other site is this one Sk*rt. a cool site for women with tons of information and ideas.
i'll leave you with a really good appetizer recipe....nancy made this on friday night for our bunco group. i have never had them before but they were so good.
i'm not sure what their called but you take cherry tomatoes and hollow them out a bit, then cream together sour cream (small tub), a bag of the hidden valley ranch dip and bacon bits. spoon a little into each tomatoe and chill. they were so good.
have a great week!
*the picture of the girls was taken a few weeks ago at the park.


Kim said...

Cute picture of the girls! My friend Machelle has participated in the that walk in Mpls, she is a Breast Cancer survivor, she said it was amazing also. It certainly is for a good cause. Chat with you later!

Donna (MIL) said...

I am so proud of you Kori for getting involved with the race and placing the bug in our subconcious to do it too.
Loved the girls picture and don't need to tell you I would like one, do I? They are so cute, and I am so lucky to count them as grandkids.
Looking forward to the get together in July...will be here before you know it.
Gonna try that appetizer, too!!!

laura vegas said...

i love that picture of the girls! they're too cute! glad to hear the race went so good. i will admit that i'm not much of a runner or even a walker for that matter ... but it does sound like a great experience. that recipe sounds good ... except for the tomato part. lol! maybe i can figure out something else to scoop the mixture into ... ahh, potatoes sound good. i know ... i'm such a healthy person. lol!

Rodrigo said...

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Michelle said...

I saw someone make those on hgtv one day and they looked so yummy. Like tiny blt's.
That's a great picture of the girls! Do people comment on their blonde hair all the time?

Lotta said...

Well written article.