Monday, March 05, 2007

Voting Day AGAIN!

morning....well, here we go again! hope everything goes smoothly this morning for Making make sure you hop over to the site and cast your vote.

Making Memories Idol contest...this round of voting goes until tuesday 4:00 pm. mst.

we had a nice weekend. although they always seem to fly by. lauren was to go to a daisy girl scout camp all day on saturday but due to cold temps and blowing winds they cancelled it. thank god. i can't imagine being outside w/ 6 year old girls for 8 hours in those weather conditions. after an hour they would have been ready to head home! so we ended up going to lauren's indoor soccer game. the games are really fun to watch. the teams are getting to be more competitive and their skill level is really improving. some of the parents sit on the edge of their seats the entire game. it's entertaining just to watch the parents! and then on sunday i taught my class at Page Makers....the ladies are always so much fun! never a dull moment!

just a few layouts i got done over the scanner is giving me trouble so rather than toss it across the room i chose to take photos of my layouts instead. ha the soccer practice layout is one i did a few weeks ago for the li'l davis newsletter. the dog layout is of our dog fargo who now lives with my in-laws. he's such a good dog! when we lived in alaska (he was just 2 when we moved) i taught him how to fetch our newspaper. they would leave the papers at the end of the driveway and in the middle of winter who feels like getting the paper at 7:00 am. so i'd let fargo out and tell him to "get me the paper". he'd get the paper and bring it to me. not without tossing it around a little bit but none-the-less he'd bring it back. the only downfall to this training is that he started to bring me the neighbors paper and the neighbor next to them and the neighbor next to them. ya, we'd have 6-7 newspapers on our front porch before the morning was over. so my training has paid mother-in-law doesn't have to walk the 1/4 of a mile to their mail box to get their paper. i miss him....he is such a good dog.

alright....i'll leave you with that.....have a great monday.... don't forget to vote!


Vanessa Reynoso said...

Best of luck, Lori. Your stuff is awesome. Have a great day...I hope you aren't as nervous as I am.

Michelle B said...

Cute layouts! The little orange clippy things on the Fargo layout...did you paint them? I still have the little black ones you gave me...haven't used 'em yet. I voted!!! Good luck!!!

Anonymous said...

Yep, Kori is right, I love not walking the 1/4 mile in the dark to get the newspaper. He is such a joy for us. Our neighbor just figured out that he was going to the mailbox and returning with the paper and he was flabergasted to think a dog would do that. We know that he is missed, but they would have a hard time getting him back now! Now we need to train the delivery man to leave the paper in a plastic sleeve, otherwise the paper is all soggy..hehe. No, he just won't bring it back if it isn't wrapped. Good luck, on the contest. mil

laura vegas said...

great layouts! i love the soccer one! i never get the newsletters so i'll have to remember to go check it out. my daughter loves when it rains and they get to have soccer practice in the gym ... she loves playing indoors!

best of luck with mm idol. i can't wait until tomorrow to see how we did!

Deneen said...

Kori I found your blog through my good friend Laura Vegas' blog hope you don't mind. I love your layout about Fargo. Labs are such great dogs. I have a black female lab her name is Emma and she is one of the best dogs I have ever had. Thanks for sharing and good luck with your entry over at MM Idol.

shirls said...

love the layouts, kori and congrats on getting on the mm top 30!!!