Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Top 25!

THANKS to all who may have voted for lauren and i! i've made the top 25... i told lauren, "we did it, we made it to the top 25!" and she says, "we did?" like she was surprised....ha ha little turkey....where's the faith? but she was pretty excited! so this means you'll have to check back next monday to see what we come up with (the 25 of us).... we're all a little confused right now about our new challenge so we're waiting for some clarification.
i finally went through 10 bags of clothing that was left over from our garage sale last summer.... i know, but i was dreading it and just kept putting it off. that's the bad thing about having an unfinished basement. you can put things down there and sort of "forget about them". so i sorted what needs to go to good will and some really nice things that i thought i'd take to once upon a child. i brought 8 bags of kids clothes to good will yesterday. man, that feels good. it's just been one of those things that has been hanging over my head and i'm relieved to have it done.
the weather has been so nice it's been hard to be inside....70's and sunny. perfect! but they say by friday we're supposed to have snow flurries. what? never fails.... well, i smell the coffee brewing....and i have priorities. ha ha
oh, i'll be back soon to give you instructions on how to make the belt. i've received several e-mails from people wanting to know how to make it....
thanks again for the votes!!!


shirls said...

congrats, kori! i'm happy for you:)

laura vegas said...

huge congrats kori! your idea was great and deserved to move you on! i have a detatched garage and we tend to dump stuff in there all the time and then run back in the house and forget about it ... i have a few bags of clothes out there that are for goodwill too! lol! the weather is too nice over here ... i think we were at 84 yesterday. we didn't even have a winter!

Anonymous said...

Congrats! Loved this weeks challenge! Will keep voting.


Becky Heisler said...

Congrats Kori !! I loove that belt! I want one for me daughter, are you taking orders ? LOL ;)

Anonymous said...

LAUREN, I thought you did a great job with this challenge helping Mom make all those circles! Loved your picture modeling the belt, honey! It was really cute and I bet all your friends want one now. See you in 7 1/2 weeks!!!!
Congratulations and on to the next challenge......g-mom