Saturday, July 29, 2006

just stuff...

not a real clever title is it....i'm pooped & not feeling overly creative. the heat just drains a was awful...we made a quick trip to target and that was the extent of my outdoor activity! when we finished shopping and got back to the car the thermostat read 117!!! i realize the temp goes up while just sitting in the sun but my gosh that's just insane!
i loaded my creative xpress layouts from last month into the gallery they are....i just realized that my cx gallery link below my picture doesn't work. guess i'll have to figure that out...oh and i just love trying to figure that stuff out!
well, my sister and her family arrive tomorrow. (oh, won't they just love this heat!) i always look forward to family visits! we have a few fun things planned. terry was able to find some great cardinals tickets so the 4 guys are going to the game on monday and then we plan on hitting 6 flags at some point. i'd love to go to a flea market while my sister is here. i have yet to find someone who likes/enjoys scouting for "junk". although, my house doesn't have a lot of refurbished finds in it....i truly LOVE to recreate things. my dream is to have an old rustic lake home or house near the beach....and decorate and furnish it the way i "can't" decorate my house. ha ha wide plank rustic floors, white washed walls, painted furniture, soft colors, open shelves in my kitchen....oh i could go on and on. i got off track....not sure what else we'll do, i guess it depends on the heat and how much everyone can tolerate!
have a peaceful wk. end and a great week! k


Michelle B said...

If you need to satisfy that decorating urge, you can always come to my house! I'd let you "junk it up"! I thought about you the other day. I bought a couple new vases for my entertainment center, and went out to my yard and cut some sticks for them! I'm sure Paul thinks I'm crazy. haha M

Cari said...

Oh girlfriend. Could I come live in that cabin after you decorated it? LOL!
I love that look!! Just wouldn't suit my hubby though. So it would be our scrapping hideaway. HOw does that sound? LOL!
Love your CX layouts too!