Thursday, April 06, 2006

Project & I've been tagged by Cari....

hi....well, this was my 5th challenge for the Scrapbook Survivor contest. we had to use the title "spinning out of control" somewhere in our layout. i came across this picture of lauren from disney world... it couldn't be more appropriate. we were on the mad hatters tea cup ride....spinning of course!
my in-laws have arrived. we're having a nice visit. lauren has swimming lessons tonight so they'll get to see her swim. they can't get over how much kati has changed and grown just since x-mas. she's sharp as a tack for just turning 2. having been a preemie (7 weeks early) we thought it would take her some time to catch up but there is absolutely nothing slow about kati.
well, cari has tagged first time being tagged. :) so i had better play!

5 snacks i enjoy:
(ok, is this pre diet or on diet?)
*sunflower seeds
*candied nuts
*anything sweet

5 songs i know all of the lyrics
* twinkle twinkle little star
* abc's
* Sarah McLaughlin (most of her songs)
* Counting Crows (most songs)
* 100 bottles of beer on the wall

5 things i would do if i were a multi-millionaire
* spoil my family-take care of thier bills
* take care of college for my kids and my nieces and nephews
* buy toys for everyone
*buy a vacation home
*give to charity

5 bad habits
* eat crap (junk food)
*not enough exercise
*chew my nails (sometimes)

5 things i like to do
*uh, scrapbook (CREATE)
*do "things" with my girls
*look through magazines
*have coffee w/ my mom and sister

5 things i would never wear, buy or get new again
* bikini
*leg warmers
*bell bottoms

5 favorite toys
*my computer
*my scanner
*lauren's new leapster l-max
5 people i should tag....
* michelle
*kim (via-e-mail)
*roxie (via e-mail)
*??? don't know many who blog "personally"

ok, i had better run. get lauren ready for swimming. chat later....k

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Kim said...

Very cute layout! I bet she just had a great time on the rides! It sounds like you had a nice time with Terry and Diane. I'm sure the girls loved having them there!
Always nice to have grandma and grandpa around.