Thursday, April 13, 2006

KaTi is 2 Today!

happy birthday dear kati~here is kati last year on her 1st birthday. we have a fun day planned for kati. lauren and i, along with some neighbors are going to go to the butterfly house. we've been there before but it is such an amazing place to take kids. we packed a lunch and will have a picnic at a nearby park. i'm praying lauren is feeling better. she's managed to catch terry's nasty cough and has had a fever off and on. lauren has swimming later today as well, then it's back home for cake and icecream w/ some of the neighbor kids. i made a cake last night that has 8 layers of cake. chocolate cake and white cake w/ chocolate and white fluffy frosting. then white chocolate shavings on top! :) the lid for the cake stand wouldn't fit over the cake. ha ha better run....oh by the way it's supposed to be 86 here today :) love it! i think we've definately adjusted...yesterday was in the low 80's and it didn't feel all that hot. but then again the humidity wasn't there either.


Kim said...

Ok, I'm impressed, and 8 layer cake! Wow! I want to see pictures! Sounds good. Hope Lauren is feeling better so she can enjoy the day too. Kati was so cute this morning when I talked to her! I can't wait to see them in July! Hope you have a fun day!

Nichol said...

wow. let's see that cake, girl! and happy birthday kati! hope it was a wonderful day and that lauren is feeling better.
it was in the mid-90's here today and it was HOT, lol.