Sunday, April 23, 2006

Ok so I wasn't quite @ 100%

man, this cold is hangin' on for dear life! i'm now thinking i must have had an infection and had i gone to the dr. when i should have it would probably be cleared up by now! but in order for me to go to the dr. i really need to be on my death bed. i've never been one to run to the dr. when i have a cold or some other minor issue that i know will fix itself if given time. i get this philosophy from my dad! ha ha so i'm still all stuffed up and my ear is still plugged. good thing is i can taste my food again! or maybe that's not such a good's was a good weight loss method. but boy it's annoying!
i still have 3 projects to finish up for CX. uhg! i'm ususally on top of my assignments and their in the mail by now. but terry is back home today...he was in florida, "working?" for 3 days. do you get a sunburn when you work? ok, maybe if you are a lifeguard or work in the fields without your shirt on.....but a shirt and tie kind of job....hmmmm? working, yes that's what we call it! ha ha i'm just kidding....they had some down time and managed to hit the beach etc....terry burns so easy from the sun. i remember one time when we were dating and we were at my parents lake home out in the speedboat in the middle of the lake.... well, the sun was reflecting off of the glass windows and terry just got fried. poor guy was crispy!
got an e-mail from Scrapbook Answers the other day....they liked one of the article proposals i had sent them and want to use it in their upcoming special sept. issue. i'm pretty excited about that! should be a fun piece to do! you'll have to check out the special may issue that is out now....i did a step-by-step article on making homemade foam stamps. there is also a layout and how-to piece on the disc that is included with the magazine.
is anyone going to the Scrapbook Answers girls weekend in aug.? several of us from the design team are going to go to help out with the classes etc. but what i'm really looking forward to is the spa treatments :) and going on a "mini me" vacation. (wink!) if you haven't heard about the retreat you'll have to check it out! they haven't given us a lot of information yet so i can't dish anything out as of yet....
well, hopefully this week i can be a little more creative and share some projects/pictures with you....always seems a little boring w/o pictures! enjoy your sunday!


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