Monday, October 22, 2007

More photos and I've been tagged!

as promised here are a few photos from the pumpkin patch. (thought the relatives would like to see the girls) the photos are untouched, meaning i didn't edit any of them.

kati's first time on a pony. she loved every minute!

lauren cruising around on 3 wheels.

if you look close enough you can see the pumpkin in mid-air. this was hilarious. they were launching pumpkins out of these canons. they would go as far as over those trees which were at least 100+ yards away. such a country bumpkin thing to do though.

oh, don't we look like we're happy and having fun! :)

these pictures were taken about a month ago. i wanted to take photos of them at this wildlife preserve but i didn't realize or notice how dead the grass was until after i loaded the photos onto my computer. there is NO color....but thought they still looked pretty cute. it probably doesn't help that their wearing brown. ha

so cari has tagged me....i'm not really playing right as i am supposed to tag 7 others but i'm skipping that part. i've actually already done this tag a while back so i'm not sure i can come up with 7 fun/funky facts about myself. let's see.
1. i have to chew gum when i work out
2. the toilet paper HAS to go over not under
3. i can't sleep without a fan! (i bring one whenever we travel!) this goes way back to when i was little! i remember having friends sleep over and they would freeze to death!
4. i have to make the beds before i leave the house. (unless terry is still sleeping of course, which means i usually come home to an unmade bed!)
5. i don't have any tatoos
6. i no longer drink diet coke! only when there is nothing else....
7. (man, this is hard) ok, so i can't think of a 7th.
better run. have a great week.

Share 7 random and/or weird facts about yourself (on your blog, we all want to know them).


laura vegas said...

cute pumpkin patch pics! we still havn't made it to the patch ... one of my favorite picture times of the year! and isn't it funny what we don't see through the lens sometimes (like the dead grass)? i took some pics of my girls a few weeks ago. we saw a dirty diaper on the ground when we got there ... and yet i still managed to not notice through my lens when taking pics that it was in the frame. i pulled up the pics on my computer and was laughing so hard at the dirty diaper in the bottom of the pics! lol!

i got this tag a few days ago and still havn't done it! lol! i'm so bad at these!

Michelle said...

Great pumpkin patch pics!! I wish we had one here. Heather's got a pumpkin scene set up in her store for pictures...think my kids are too old for that?

Kim said...

Love the pictures! The ones of the girls turned out very cute. Kati looks like she really liked the pony, was it difficult to get her on it? I know she is not as daring as Lauren. Hope I am getting some of these pictures, hint hint!