Monday, October 29, 2007

Photo Slide

i tried getting this photo slide to be on the sidebar but i am having a heck of a here it sits! i would love to switch over to type pad but i have a tough time paying for a blog site when i can get this one for free! i don't have many photos on this slide but a few of my favorites and more recent snapshots.

not much else is new here. life is finally slowing down for us. well, not terry so much but the activities are coming to an end for a few months anyway. lauren played her last soccer game on sunday. she'll play indoor in january. so the break will be nice for all of us. we're also taking a little break from gymnastics as well. a new gym opened up not too far from our house and after a trial run lauren decided she would like to switch. i'm a bit relieved as my drive time is cut in half if not more! kati is doing good. both are trying to get over colds. nothing major, just a cough and runny nose.

i think we have finally found a new church to attend. i have only been to 2 services but i really enjoy it. it seems to be a younger congregation and very laid back. the first time we were all going together i had a dress picked out (not too difficult to pick out as i only have like 3!) when terry told me that i should maybe rethink what i was going to wear as it would be too dressy! so we get there and everyone or just about everyone was in a nice pair of jeans of khakis. i was kind of disappointed that i couldn't get dressed up but the second service we went to i had gotten over it and was relieved i could throw on some khakis and go! the music at the church is amazing. i sit there with tears in my eyes half the time. so i think this is a good fit for us. the girls really enjoy sunday school and it's nice that terry and i can go to the service alone and just be together and listen.

we carved pumpkins and made sugar cookies tonight. not quite sure why i signed up to do both in one night! but it turned out ok and the girls had fun. even the neighbor girls joined in to help cut out cookies. oh, i even made the pumpkin seeds! yum. lauren even liked them! kati, not so much.

one last thing.....HAPPY BIRTHDAY DIANE! the girls called tonight but had to leave a message! we were thinking of you! hugs!


Kim said...

Love the slide show, very nice pictures. Its nice when things start to slow down a little, I know that feeling. Hope you get that package I sent today or at least by tomorrow. Let me know.

laura vegas said...

love the photos! good to hear things are slowing down. we have 3 weeks of soccer left ... and i can't wait to be done for a while!

you're such a good mom ... cookies, pumpkins! we didn't even go to the pumpkin patch this year ... and that's one of my favorite times of the year. lol! i feel so pathetic. lol!

Cari said...

Glad to hear you're doing well.
Finding a church can be so hard sometimes.
I know! I'm a PK (pastor's kid) and after I got married my hubby & I moved away from my home and so we had to look for a new church home. It was one of the hardest things ever!
I'm happy that you've found one that you're all comfortable with.