Monday, October 15, 2007

Catching up! it's been a while since i've posted. seems to be the norm! thought i'd get caught up....
the 80's party we went to was a good time! lots of fun costumes. and sadly enough it brought back a lot of memories. ha ha

terry went as a guy from "revenge of the nerds" (doesn't he look hot!) and melissa and i have on big ol' jump suits. my hair doesn't look quite as big in the photos but it was big. and my frosty eye lids look fabulous, don't you think. ha ha it was fun!
had another photo shoot a few weekends ago. i can't say it went that well. i did get a few decent photos but the odds were against us. i had to bring lauren and kati with me. which only meant an additional distraction. not to mention it was 85 degrees and they were in sweaters. (october has been very warm) so i got a few good ones but hope to retake now that the temps have cooled down a bit.

i wish this last photo would have been in focus better. i have to figure out how to shoot a moving target better....
an update on my father-in-law.....his open heart surgery went well. he is recovering nicely and i believe he has been cleared to drive already. prior to his surgery (about a year or more ago) he started to exercise daily and changed his eating habits. i can imagine that has been a huge help in his healing process.
i celebrated my b-day this past tuesday. terry invited a few of our neighbors out for dinner on saturday night to celebrate. we had a great meal and a lot of fun!
we took the girls to the pumpkin patch this past sunday. they each picked a pumpkin, rode a horse, played some games and watched them launch pumpkins from a canon. (i'll post pictures later...i keep getting an error)
i had better call it quits....the girls need to get to bed.


laura vegas said...

happy belated birthday kori!!! sounds like you've been busy ... parties, dinners, pumpkin patch! ahhh, the life! lol!

some adorable photos from the shoot. and about the focusing ... it's the story of my life. seems it's always the best shots that are the most out of focus. so frustrating!

Anonymous said...

Your 80's look was great...........course you didn't really look like that did you?
The pictures of Melissa's kids are adorable, and hope that you can get that second chance with cooler weather to redo as you wanted to do. I just love the doorway pictures! They are so cute! mil

Michelle said...

Whoa, talk about flashbacks! I bet there was some serious hairspray going on that night. lol

Your pictures are great!

Kim said...

Love the pictures! I finally had a moment to check your blog. Too funny with the hair, I actually remember it being bigger, ha ha! Can't wait to see aditional pictures of Jr.

jennihaywood said...

HI Kori...those 80's pictures made me lugh so hard. They brought back memories of tight jeans, short sweaters, leg warmers and the pony tale on the side of your head...ha ha ha. We all thought we looked bea-u-ti-ful though didn't we???? Happy Birthday. I love being able to read your blog. Too much fun.
Hugs to you!

Cari said...

Great photos Kori!

How are you doing anyways? It's been forever since we last chatted. Hope you're doing well.

Happy Be-lated Birthday too. I sure hope that you had a fun day and celebrated all day long!

BTW, just thought I'd let you know you've been tagged ('cause I know just how much you love these things - probably just as much as I do!! LOL!) Just check my blog for details!

Take care.