Sunday, April 15, 2007


hey there! it's been a crazy few weeks around these parts! let's see....we went to omaha for easter. we met my family there for the weekend. it's a half way point for all of us, which makes the drive much easier. 6 hours vs. 11. the girls had so much fun playing with their cousins and spending time with nana and papa and of course their aunts and uncles! then we came home from that trip and had a few days of down time but were preparing for the arrival of my in-laws. they flew in on wed. night and just left today. we had such a nice time with them also. we celebrated kati's 3rd birthday while they were here. (april 13th) it's hard to believe she's already 3! (the photo of us was taken on her b-day)
life should get back to normal now this week. although, we still have lots of running around and things to do to keep us busy! lauren will go back to school tomorrow. she was on spring break all last week. we started outdoor soccer today! (i wish grandpa and grandma could have watched lauren play). their only 6 but so much fun to watch! it's amazing how much the girls learn and how their skill levels improve over just a few months!
and i just thought i'd share a few layouts i did for creative xpress....our assignments were to use the title "i believe" and to create a masculine layout.
so anyway....i had better start cleaning up my house and finishing up the laundry! have a great week!


Michelle said...

I love the family picture!! You look GORGEOUS! I want to see that on a layout. :)

Happy birthday, Kati Bug!

Glad you're blogging again. That last post was getting dusty. ;)

laura vegas said...

love your family picture! you have a beautiful family! fun layouts too!
aren't they so cute to watch play soccer at that age? both my girls are going into their 5th year ... following in their mom's footsteps (although you'd never see me out there nowdays. lol!).
glad you're back!

jennihaywood said...

Your family is just so adorable! It is so fun to see a picture of your entire family. My Mom and Dad are flying in, the end of may. I am so darn excited. I love your layouts, so beautiful, and very creative. I bet it was a bit difficult to come up with a masculine page with those sweet, dainty, little girls, of yours!!! I am going to e-mail you about the convention I just got back from, and about seeing Donna in May. This is just too much fun talking back and forth with you.
Smiles, Jenn

Kim said...

Nice family picture, I get a copy right? The layouts are very cute! I'm sure the visit with Terry and Diane went by fast, I bet it was really nice to have them there especially for Kati's birthday. The weather here is finally nice!! Its about time. I'm getting ready for Syndey's birthday tomorrow. Her party in next Sunday, I'll have to tell you all about the hastle I have run into planning this party! Chat with you later!

Donna said...

Just love the family picture.....and you looking so Jackie O !!!!
Add me to the list of "want one".
Loved talking to Lauren and Kati on the phone Saturday. Our Kati 3 already, hard to imagine her beginnings and how blessed we are that she is so perfect.
Loved the layouts too. Winner again!

shirls said...

love the family photo, kori. those layouts are fabulous!

Anonymous said...

Hey Kori---LOVE these layouts---your talent just shines through everything you create---you are brilliant! SOrry about the MM thing---I had you picked to go all of the way---but I see many amazing opportunities coming your way soon! Thanks for your friendship.
Melissa Phillips

doris said...

love your family portrait. love it lots. :D

and your layouts . . . fabulous! you've inspired me to dig out my grommets . . . :D

iralamija said...

you make beautiful work! Nice LO's!!

Bety :)