Sunday, September 30, 2012

No turning back now!

YIKES!!!   Leading up to today it has been weeks of cleaning out, packing up, throwing away, donating and schlepping stuff upstairs or downstairs!  Our family room has been taken over with multiple pieces of furniture and our new kitchen is now in the basement.
We were so fortunate to find a nice family who wanted to purchase our entire kitchen.  Cabinets and appliances!  This made the entire process so much easier.  The thought of numerous people in my house buying one appliance at a time was not ideal.  Not only did we luck out with one family buying everything they also knew carpenters who would take apart our kitchen, leaving everything in tact!  Had Terry and I had to disassemble our kitchen it would have taken us days and surely one of us would have been seriously wounded (more-than-likely by the other!) by the time it was emptied!  
experienced carpenters doing their thang...

Fargo doesn't know what to think!
Four hours later and it's cleaned out and ready for demo Tuesday!  Giddy up!

*Dinner Menu:  Left over Chicken Noodle Soup w/ Dumplings heated via microwave!  

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