Saturday, September 19, 2009

11 Years Today!

yup, 11 years married....10 years dating = 21 years! yikes! wouldn't change a thing!
although, it would be nice to know a good babysitter right about now. we miss you allison. :)

had an early soccer game this morning. then back home to load up our bowflex. we sold it to a really nice couple. our ceilings were just too low in our basement and to be quite honest i didn't really want a huge contraption sitting out anyway. i really like having a multi purpose space w/o sweaty equipment. unfortunately our tred mill remains but it's a good reminder for me... i had better get my arss moving again!

terry came home with the girls shortly after we had the heavy stuff loaded (go figure) with a beautiful bouquet, ballon and cake! the girls were so cute and excited, they could hardly wait to give them to me! they shopped the night before with dad also. he's so good about including them and making them feel as though their pulling one off on me! :) they told me they were going to the grocery store w/ dad! it's great!
better spend time with the family. i think terry is done in the garage. have a great wk. end!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful flowers! It sounds like you had a very nice day!

Miss ya!!! Kim

Anonymous said...

I agree the flowers are so beautiful! How fun for the girls to be part of the surprise and

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!! Hope you are all settled in!