Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Happy New Year

hard to believe another year has gone by. i know that sounds redundant but seriously, where does the time go?
our christmas was wonderful. my parents were here for 2 weeks. we celebrated laurens' birthday, christmas and new years together. i really miss being with our families during the holidays (or anytime for that matter) but to have my mom and dad here was a blessing. the girls had a great time with papa and nana.
so today is the 2nd day back from holiday break and the girls already have a day off. guess it started to rain in the middle of the night and with the temps dropping it turned into an ice rink on the roads. so we're home baking cookies...gee, just what we need after the holidays! ha ha
i was fortunate to have a few photo shoots over the holiday break as well. here are a few shots from them...both families were so much fun to work with. great personalities and so easy going.

i like black and white! :)

haven't made any new years resolutions yet but have lots of things that i would like to work on or accomplish! i turn 40 this year! yikes. i remember when i was little and 40 seemed soooo old! i don't feel old and i hope i don't look old. so i'm thinking i'll "embrace" 40 and make it a great year to remember, rather than dwell on the number! i have far too many things to be greatful and thankful for!


Lori said...

Just remember, 40 is the new 30 ... or is it 20? Anyway, I know I wouldn't go back for anything ... most of the time I forget I'm past that milestone anyway and am surprised to hear my voice telling someone I'm 41!!
Glad you had a good holiday and got to spend time with your folks!! Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures, just had time now to look! Don't sweat the small stuff, 40 is a piece of cake!!! Milestones for both you and dad this year! Dad will be 70!!! I know for sure he would tell you he feels 40, ha ha! Chat with you soon! Kim