Wednesday, December 03, 2008


poppin' in to say hi. haven't talked with many but hope Thanksgiving was nice. we had a good time in wisconsin. the girls reconnected with their cousins and had a blast. as for me, seeing my dog Fargo was my highlight (sorry guys, no offense! it was great seeing you too :) i miss him. but i know it would be challenging to have him here. anyway...
trying to get ready for the holidays. lots going on. with lauren's b-day being so close to x-mas it makes it even more hectic. i'm hoping this year will be her last "big" b-day party. we're having it at "incredible pizza" w/ 13 girls. they have go carts, mini golf, tons of games and the pizza buffet etc.... should be fun!
my dad & mom are coming dec. 19th. so i'm trying to prepare for that.... planning a class party for lauren's class, a cookie exchange, a couple more photo shoots, an ornament exchange, swim lessons, a rams football game, dinner w/ friends and so on and so forth! i'm so glad i decided to put up our holiday decorations before Thanksgiving...everyone thought i was crazy but what relief not having to deal with that as well! i did managed to get our x-mas cards ordered! check that off the list! i always have ideas and things i want to do and create for the holidays but the days just fly by! it's only the first week in december and i'm feeling defeated already! uhg.
here are a few photos from a shoot i did a few weeks ago.

i know....cute kids, right! i think i had maybe one or two shots that didn't turn out. closed eyes or looking away...other than that they were all amazing!
and a few more from another shoot...ya, more cuteness! poor "D" wasn't diggin' the camera! unlike his sister who "ate it up!"

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Anonymous said...

Very nice pictures! I finally had a minute to check your blog. I'm sure this time with mom and dad has went fast, hope you enjoyed the visit! We're looking forward to picking them up at the airport on Saturday.