Thursday, May 31, 2007

New Summer Do's

so these aren't the best pictures of the girls, as the sun was pretty bright and the wind was blowing but you can at least get an idea. we were at the park on memorial day when i saw a girl about kati's age with the cutest hair cut. just a simple bob, hair tucked behind her ear. i told terry i liked her hair. of course being the guy he is, he just shrugged his shoulders. well, later that night he said, "maybe we should cut kati's hair." so the next day we headed to the "plaid monkey", a cute hair salon for kids. this was kati's first major hair cut. she cut a good 4-5" off. the salon was really cute. they host b-day parties for girls also so there was a lot of glitter, boas and plastic high heal shoes. which caught lauren's eye! we were driving home from getting kati's hair cut and lauren says, "mom, i want to get my hair cut!" i told her she'd have to talk to her dad about that one! he has always wanted her to have long hair. i have mentioned cutting in several times and my idea was always shot down! but i knew if she told him she wanted it cut then she had a better chance of getting it cut. which only makes sense. it won't be long and we'll be in the 100's w/ 90% humidity! so we went back the next day and lauren got her hair cut! i'd like for kati's to be a little shorter but i was chicken!

i've been battling a cold for the past 2 weeks...i'm about tired of it! by mid day i'm feeling pretty good but at night when i go to bed i cough and cough and i wake up feeling like i've been hit by a mac truck! i keep telling myself one more day and then i'm going to the dr. ha ha i still haven't gone. i'm one of those people who has to be on their death bed before i go into the dr. i get that from my parents! not always a good trait to have, huh. but i don't feel like it's anything other than a cold. so i'll give it a few more days....LOL!

when we were in california on vacation we went to a very cool restaurant called "the slanted door". i guess it's a very well known (popular) restaurant. the food was awesome and the atmosphere was very neat. anyway, i asked for a diet coke (i'm not really picky but it always comes out as a diet coke vs. diet soda, although diet coke is my preference) the waiter brings me this bottle of diet soda. boylan diet soda. i had never heard of it before but it had a different kind of flavor to it. not like a diet coke. almost better. i can't even describe it but i've been craving one ever since!!!!!!!! terry and i went into a trader joes to pick up some goodies when we were there and i thought for sure they would have it. well i came across the diet creme soda which wasn't as good but not bad. i haven't found it here yet...darn it.

i thought i'd leave you with an old project i did way back when i was on the design team for scrapbook answers. i don't recall what issue it was in but i used a light switch plate cover as my album cover....

have a great weekend!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Blogger Burn out....

hi i'm over due for a new post. just haven't been in the mood to sit down and post i guess. since getting back from our trip i haven't accomplished much in the world of scrapbooking, other than an assignment and a few gifts i had to get done. i do have a few layouts to share that i finished ages ago but never posted. they aren't all that great so do expect your jaw to drop....i'll post in a minute.
not much else is going on. school is almost done. june 5. we had a few snow days that we had to make up, which at the time is great but now i'm ready for school to be over. lauren is itching to spend the majority of her time at the pool, which would be fine but kati hates the hot weather so spending hours outdoors with kati isn't going to happen. but she does like going to the pool. she only has one more swimming lesson left before she is done with her lessons. and then lauren will start up again.
soccer season ends pretty soon also. it's just too hot to play outdoors all through the summer. seems like we just started the outdoor league. the days just go by too fast.
i took the girls to shrek 3 on monday. they had fun and the movie was cute. it's just too bad that it cost almost $30 to go to a movie. we don't go that often so it's a nice treat for the girls.
lauren lost her 2nd tooth....(i know this post is exciting!) i had my neighbor connie pull it out. lauren was thrilled when the tooth fairy brought $2 and another letter and a few coloring sheets. i'm so glad she is easy!
so i've probably rambled on enough about random stuff.... here are the layouts i scanner was giving me a hard time again, so i had to take pictures.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

A Few More Photos...

just a few more random photos from our mini getaway! i was surprised the photo of the golden gate bridge turned out through the car window. the photos that follow are: a door at the culinary institute, i guess the following 4 photos are also taken on the grounds of the institute. the huge brick mansion is the institute. it was amazing. i can't recall the name of the winery in the next photo. (the up close castle looking building) then a cafe we ate lunch at in calistoga. neat little town. then robert mondovi winery. the photo of us is at another winery, we didn't spend any time at this one but a guy offered to take our photo. i didn't realize i matched the flowers. then Alcatraz and us by the bay bridge.

Monday, May 14, 2007

We're Back!

hi! we made it back from california last night...we had a wonderful time...a much needed adult getaway! but of course the time went by way too fast and before we knew it we were on a plane heading back home. terry had the trip pretty much mapped out for us by the time we arrived. we first flew into san francisco and met a colleague of terry's along with his wife. it was a pleasure meeting both of them and spending a few hours together. they took us out for lunch at the slanted door....which, those of you who are from california know that this restaurant is absolutely amazing. the food was so good....if it had just been terry and i, i'm pretty sure i would have gorged myself! we then walked along the bay shore (which is where the first photo was taken) our last stop was an eclectic little coffee shop surrounded by row houses (so san francisco)... the next day we headed to napa....(terry even rented a convertible..he thought of everything!) napa was perfect! the weather was beautiful, the scenery was amazing, the wine, the couldn't have been a better vacation....other than maybe an extra day or two. we managed to see a lot in just 3 days. and would you believe we even took a cooking class together at the culinary institute. it was so much fun. we ate lunch there also which was probably the best meal we had... we went to several wineries for tours and tasting! (we came home with 16 bottles of wine!) it's probably a good thing our vacation was short as the food and wine could easily cause one to gain a good 5 lbs in a very short amount of time! the only thing we didn't do that terry had planned was our couples massage! when he called to make the reservation the spa only had male's giving massages on the day and times we could go. terry just couldn't quite get into having another man give him a massage so we had to nix that idea. ha ha.... so anyway, i could ramble on and on about our amazing trip but i had better close up. i tried to post a few more photos but it wouldn't let me. so maybe tomorrow i'll share a few more....
ps...donna...thanks again for taking such good care of our girls and for keeping them busy with fun projects, shopping and picture taking! they miss you already!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

San Francisco here we come!

just a quick post to say bye! terry and i are heading out tomorrow morning for california! i can hardly wait! i'm not really sure what our plans are once we get there...apparently terry has it all worked out. i'll be back with a full report and hopefully some good photos! grandma is all set to watch the girls while we're gone! i know everything will be fine but in a sense i'm kind of a control freak when it comes to my house and my routine etc....i keep telling myself to just let go! ha ha the girls absolutely adore grandma and they have all sorts of projects lined up. i was thinking it was going to be "easy" to say bye to the girls but as i was sending an e-mail to my friend michelle tonight i teared up just writing about it! this will be our first trip together, away from the girls since before lauren was born..... so this is huge! BUT....we're going to have a great time. ok....back to packing....hugs....

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Tagged by Cari....

so for those who read me but aren't involved in the online scrapbooking scene are probably wondering what being "tagged" means....well, this particular game is one where i need to come up with 7 random facts about myself and then i am to tag 7 people. (well, i'm not sure i know 7 bloggers close enough, who haven't already been tagged....this game goes on forever :) but it's fun, so i don't mind playing along (thanks cari!)....let's see....this may be kind of a challenge w/o making myself sound like i'm OCD....ha ha

1. i can't leave the house without making the beds and picking up! not sure why....

2. i always blow my nose after taking a shower or when i go to the bathroom. (my sister does this too....must be a family thing)

3. i have to have cream in my coffee.

4. i stand up when i scrapbook...

5. i have carried a coach purse since i was's my only indulgence! (besides food!) i usually get a new one every other year or so? and i have had the same coach billfold since i was 19!!! and it's still in perfect condition. it's the only one i've owned! goes to show you that it pays to buy quality! but i buy my clothes from target! ha ha

6. i wish i had gone to college (i would love to be a buyer or a residential interior designer!)

7. i hate having food in my teeth. i floss all of the time. if i don't have floss and we're at a restaurant i'll use a sugar packet. terry gets so mad at me....i just hate that feeling....

i actually had to stop and think about these....

so not much else is new. terry comes home today, finally. he's been gone for 6 days! the girls actually did pretty good this trip. i'm usually pretty frazzled by now but it hasn't been too bad. must have been the nice weather!
kati was supposed to start swimming lessons today....she had a temp of 102 last night and was as white as a ghost. so i thought by this morning she was doing better and she seemed to be excited to go but 1/2 way there she yells, "mom" from the backseat...and to me that means she's going to throw up!! or so it's been the case in the past. but she didn't but said she wanted to go home. so i checked her temp again and it was 102! bummer we missed our first class!
kati and i went to lauren's school yesterday for lunch. the kindergartners were doing a trial run through the lunch line. they were so cute. they were all so excited and thought they were pretty big stuff. oh to be a kid again!
better again soon....hugs